Sharpstone 4pc Vs Chromium Crusher 4pc

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Luma, May 12, 2010.

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  2. i heard alot of bad things about sharpstone i own a 4 piece chromium crusher gun metal grey its a dope grinder....but i really dont know alot about both companys mine was only 20 bucks hoped this helped some lol..

  3. Sharpstone by a mile. I have owned both, and happily gave away my CC to a friend. The CC is made well, but someone must have been stoned when they were sizing it. the chamber that collects/stores ground bud is way too short/small. its inadequate. and the keif chamber is way too huge. huge! the sharpstone 4pc is nothing short of awesome. its fast and efficient, and i will never go back.
  4. Would go with the Sharpstone. Its a damn good grinder, it collects keif really well and its a easy to grind.. grinder lol.
  5. tru is shallow but how much bud you tryin to grind up lol?? its big enough to store a good two FAT blunts or some bowls and a blunt...
  6. Through reading endless streams of grinder comparisons I have decided that the majority of answers are just from people shooting from the hip. Many many people KNOW of someone that has an issue with their sharpstone, but comparatively few sharpstone owners speak up about the malfunctions of their personal grinders. See what I'm getting at?

    I have a sharpstone and have not had any issues with it. I'm not just trying to supres buyers remorse or something like that -- I just really don't think there are enough cases of genuine product-failure to make a statement like "everyone should buy brand X because brand Y is prone to failure".

    Now, on a side note; if you are offered the same grinder from 2 brands at the same price, you may want to go for the other brand. But these "all things being equal" situations are rare -- usually the sharpstone will be cheaper. In my case it just happened to be the only one at my lhs so I ran with it.

    In the grand scheme of things, you'll probably be happy with whichever grinder (given sharpstone, or better) you chose.
  7. SC > KAN > SS > CC

    So i gather ur prolly gonna go for a budget grinder Id have to say Sharpstone, If u want a grinder that may possible outlast you. Space Case

    SC: space case
    KAN: Kannastor
    SS: Sharpstone
    CC: Chromium Crusher
  8. Sharpstone sucks, mine had shitloads of metal shavings in the keif, it sucked, ruined like 2 grams of keif.

    Chromium Crusher is a little better then Sharpstone but jeep in mind they are both cheap pieces.
  9. lol agreed my CC was only 20 bucks but def got my moneys worth im happy with it..but sharpstones are running like 45-50 at my LHS that aint cheap but they look cheaply made!!....
  10. I actually had gotten my Sharpstone for $20 on eBay. Plus any sharpstone is really a hit or miss wether you get something not all fucked up.
    It's best to look for an oring between the teeth.
  11. Sharpstone EVERY DAY!!! I have a 5 piece sharpstome and it is absolutely amazing!!! its the most functional tool in my arsenal and I would buy again... Although i have their older all aluminum model. Now they have like aluminum bodies with plastic windows and stuff... Im not too sure how they hold up... But i love mine!!!!!
  12. I have a Chromium Crusher and my buddy has a Sharpstone and to be honest, the only thing better about the sharpstone is the compartment the weed falls into because it has higher walls than the crusher but it feels like a flimsy little bitch grinder compared to my
    crusher even though his is a little bigger too. The Chromium Crusher has that chromium steel alloy, forget all that "space grade aluminum"

    edit: and you can get both online for 15-20
  13. I've owned multiple sizes of the Chromium Crusher and would take it over the Sharpstone any day that a friend of mine owns. (previous roommate)

    Extensive use on both, CC wins in my eyes.
  14. never seen seen a sharpstone in person but i have a crusher and i think its good. it might grind a little too fine tho.
  15. my lhs sells these for 30-35. love mine. sharpstone all the way
  16. sharpstone blows. metal shavings in your shit = bad. and the teeth break really easily. get the chromium crusher then save up for a spacecase. but i agree with what some else already said about the bud chamber being short. see if you can find one with a bigger chamber. that's my only complaint. after owning several sharpstones and 1 chromium crusher, i say between those two options, cc ftw.
  17. so what makes a spacecase like so outragious in price?

  18. I fucking love my sharpstone!
    I Paid $25 for mine ;)
  19. Where does everyone find these crazy deals!?
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