Sharpi's 5 gallon Tote Stealth Grow.

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  1. I was inspired recently to start growing. Or rather some hash inspired me to start growing.
    Between some mild googling and some background knowledge of planted aquariums I set up a micro grow box.
    Heres what I've got.
    2, 5 gallon totes stacked and sealed.
    3, 23 watt CFL. Two at 6,500k, and one at 5,500k.
    A passive intake tube and a mini desk fan near the top.
    The fan has been modded into a carbon filter.
    What else. The inside is at 78 degrees and 60% humidity.
    I live in SoCal so I'm hoping I won't have to worry too much about temps and humidity.

    Everything has been ghetto rigged. I made the box in about an hour with stuff lying around my house. The inside is lined with some foil tape I had typing around.
    As this box isnt very tall, long, or wide there is going to be some serious LST an trimming done to keep it low and small.
    The soil is a mix between Miracle Grow Organic Potting Soil, Perlite, and something else. I think its composted horse manure. Not too sure.
    The seeds are unknown.
    I came back to my truck from the beach one day and there was a backpack sitting in the back. Not sure who it belonged to but in it was a jug with about 50 seeds. I've had them around for a few years and decided to start trying them out.
    Thats about all the background for this.
    I started the seeds in a paper towel a week or so ago and have no transferred them to starter trays.
    This is my first time growing and I'm gonna make lots of mistakes and whatnot. I'm prepared for that. But I would appreciate as much help as possibly with this grow.

    Also, I am not going for huge yields here. I smoke maybe 10 grams a month so this is more of a hobby than anything. Though any tips on a bigger yield won't go unappreciated!
  2. So far I have a few seedling going strong. I can't wait to weed out the strongest female and get going on this thing, but for now it seems I've run into what might be my first problem.
    The leaves from the original sprout. I know they have a name.. not sure what it is. The leaves that develop first, before its starts to throw out the classic shaped leaves.
    They are a little yellow and burned at the tips.
    All the new growth is doing real well and going green and strong. Not sure if this is something to worry about.

    Things I didn't mention when I started it. I'm Sharpi. It's a wretched nickname thats stuck around since.. gosh... 6th grade?
    And this is day 5 of my grow. Since this is like a journal and all.
    Perhaps later I'll snap a pic of my plants... You know.. once the person with a smartphone comes home.. so you, and I, do not have to deal with crappy pics.
    Any advice to avoid future problems down the line?
  3. Havent updated in a while...
    At all.. actually.
    I made alot of mistakes. I decided to read up more on this and all the info got me all stressed over taking care of these things. Ended up losing all but two.

    I've since calmed down and just started treating them like a normal plant.
    They are doing much much better now.

    But because of all the things that went wrong in the start they arent as far along as they should be.

    Just started LST the other day, they are responding well.
    One is "The Skinny One" and the other "The Fat One".
    Due to the difference in leaves.
    Which.. btw.. can someone tell my why the leaves on one look so different than the other?

    The Skinny One grows alot more slowly than my other one and I can't figure out why. It also points straight up all the time. Like the leaves are alll the way up. Bothering me.

    Heres a pic of them as of today.
    The Skinny One looks terrible because of my cat.
    A day or so ago He decided to take a big bit out of the side of it and alot of the leaves got messed up.
    It's pulling through though.
    Advice and whatnot...
    Any tips... Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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  4. One looks more Indica(fat leaves) the other with skinny leaves leans towards Sativa(long skinny leaves). Hope that helps with the question of why they look different.

    Sending good vibes your way that neither show balls, and both show female hairs =)
  5. They shall now be called "The Indica" and "The Sativa".
    I truly do hope at least one if not both turns out to be female.
    Though I'm not sure what I'll do with the harvest from The Indica once its done.
    I don't smoke it personally as it gives me horrible migraines, and anxiety issues.

    Figured out what was causing my plant to point upward. It seems there's a magnesium deficiency.
    Heard of "praying for magnesium" but decided to hold off on dosing till it showed more definite signs.
    It is now showing clear signs of magnesium deficiency. So tomorrow I go to pick to pick up some Epsom Salt as a quick fix, and some lime to mix into the soil for the future re-potting.

    Also need to work on an alternative water source.
    My tap has a pH of 8.2. I've been using my fish tanks water for its pH of 7.5. But I still suspect its gonna cause lots of problems way in the future.

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