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sharp stone grinders

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by joe_guy, May 30, 2009.

  1. does any one have any pictures of the keif collected by a sharp stone? i hear it lets in a little leaf so i wanted to see what u guys got
  2. my buddy has one, and whenever i see the crystals, there is never leafs or anything just kief, the screen they use is actually pretty good
  3. youre not gonna be gettin like chunks of leaf/bud but occasionally you will get a little shake. sometimes the buds ground into small enough specs to fall through. but all youll see is gold:D
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    My friend has a sharpstone grinder and the keif is a little green. When people say leaf material falls through that means there more plant material so the keif will have a darker green color. Good keif is brownish blondeish color. IMO just save yourself the trouble and buy the space case the first time. Ive had lots of different grinders and its definatley the best ive used so far.
  5. thanks all + reps

  6. i would get a space case just im to poor haha
  7. idk man i got a 2.5 inch sharpstone and IMO its the best item for smoking ive ever purchased. but i see where your coming from with the small bud falling through. i have a perfect example. heres a pic of some gdp keif and you can see a small bud broken off. im actually not sure if it fell through because i remember last weekend my uncle packed a batty and than dabbed the packed batty into a small amount of keif in the grinder so its possible some of the bud could have fallen. whatever though i wouldnt let it bother you cause like damncrazy said, all you really see is gold. (extra pic of some ground up gdp:smoke:)

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  8. hahahaha yea me to. I actually just got mine because one day my friend was really drunk and going on this rant about how he knew how to fight blah blah blah. Long story short he accidentally punched me in the face trying to show me how much he "knows" about fighting and bought me one as an apology. I probably wouldve bought one eventually anyway. I had a notch that worked really well for a long time but the ring that holds the screen in place broke out when i was taping it with my lighter to gather everything up on one end. One of my friends has this one that im pretty sure is made by the same people who make silver surfers (it has SSV on the top just like their vaps do), it was like 40 bucks and it had a snap ring that held the screen in place so you could take the screen out and clean it if got all cloged up. That might be a little more in your price range though i dont really know what that is.
  9. thanks mann i think im going with a sharp stone, cheap but pretty effective from what i can tell
  10. Youll get leaf in there if the bud is REALLY dry-- it crumbles down small enough to fit through the screen, but that would happen with any grinder.

    Sharpstone is the shitttt.. I love mine

  11. haha thats dope dudee
  12. The mesh screen on the sharpstone isn't as fine as one on say a spacecase so you're kief won't be quite as blonde but it won't be "leaf" by any means.
  13. I bought a sharp stone grinder on eBay for 20 bucks and I love it. All my keif is always very golden and I have never had any plant material fall through. buy one you'll won't regret it.
  14. I havn't heard a single bad thing about sharpstones. I am considering getting one right now actually. Amazon has some pretty good prices on them.
  15. I have the smallest diameter sharpstone that the company makes, 4 chambered, and the kief catcher picks up nothing but the crystals :D
  16. Check my Mer piece. Pic of some good kief. All golden, not that "grief" that you can get once you put nickels and shit in there.
  17. yo, most of the time theyll come with a little kief scraper, but if yours doesnt guitar picks work great too and ya can keep them in there. pretty much anything thats thin and can scrape works fine, just handy when theres something ya can keep in it
  18. OP has a strikingly similar username...
  19. I own a Sharpstone and I'd have to say the Keif catcher on it does a great job. however my top layers wholes are a little to large so seed and stem will fall through but not much so it's easy to pick out. I'm thinkin about getting a new sharpstone though with smaller holes. My top piece is clear also so you can watch the weed get grinded! :D
  20. I have one and love it. i cant think on one thing wrong with it

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