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  1. Sup guys finally got myself a camera so i decided to make a journal of my current grow. The strain is sharksbreath from dna genetics. The case is 26.5 inches tall and ill be using a scrog in there. The nutes im using are fox farms big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom. the plant is three weeks old as of right now and i plan to start flowering in the next week.



  2. Lookin good, man! What kind of reflective material is that behind the CFL's?
  3. its called diamond foil, its much stronger than mylar so its good for my lights since there held on with magnets
  4. You should get the plant as close to the light as possible, otherwise they'll grow too tall, 2 inches max. Get some books or something, if you only have one plant it's real easy.

    but is looking very healthy
  5. the lights are fully adjustable, but they dont need to be that close they show no signs of stretching so it would be pointless to bring the light closer and raise temps
  6. Wouldn't hurt to put them closer, unless you already have heat problems fans blowing fresh air past the lights will circulate enough to keep heat away from the plants. I have had lights 1 inch away and plants show no signs of heat stress. The grow space was 75 to begin with though.
  7. Looking good :)
  8. :wave: Beautiful girl in a nice clean house :D lets watch her fill it up! :hello:
  9. Flowering will double and sometimes triple your plant size so just be cautious that isn't too big, although she looks damn fine.. Have you smoked that strain before? what do you think?
  10. Cool setup. Any light traps on that thing? I see 3 fans running (light can enter the vent holes) and since you'll be flowering soon, might be something to think about.
  11. MMMMMM sharks
  12. its fully light proof so shouldnt be a problem
  13. Be careful with the Sharksbreath. I got a free seed from attitude and the site says it's prone to budrot. Make sure you control the humidity and have some good airflow in the case.

  14. Did you have problems with budrot?
  15. any idea on which pheno it is yet? is it the sativa dominant(fluffy/a tad taller) or the indica(dense/shorter)?
  16. right now my guess would be the indica pheno because its very short and dense(thats the one i want so im hoping) either one looks so dank so it wont really matter
  17. nice, i think the sativa produces a tad more but its a different smoke. im sure youll enjoy the indica tho. i cant wait to get my hands on some of these seeds.
  18. either pheno looks absolutely amazing so i dont think you can go wrong with sharksbreath, right now there at like day 4 flowering ill throw up some pics soon
  19. That has got to be the healthiest plant I've ever seen! :hello:
  20. wheres she at bro

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