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  1. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!!!:D:

    On my first time surfin', we were sitting out beyond the break, chillin' and Token' a couple of joints. Off in the distance I could hear a faint horn sound, but none of the guys I was with took any notice. I realized everyone that had been playing in the surf was now on the beach! I asked my cousin what the horn was and he replied, "Oh that's just the Shark warning"!!!!! I spent the next few minutes falling off my board, while trying to keep EVERY part of my body out of the water!! The other guys laughed their asses off, while I put on a real comedy show! My cousin eased my fears a Lil' by telling me that the real danger was in the surf, as most attacks occur in 6' of water or less, when the sharks move in to feed. Really put a damper on that first trip, but I soon learned to ignore the shark horn myself, and never had any personal encounters myself. :D: :smoking:
  2. I dunno...I love the beach...ALOT! But, I'm having major problem with this part..."Sharks have swum probably within 15 feet of every one of us if we've ever been in the water," Burgess said...[​IMG] [​IMG].
    I thought after I had seen Jaws 15 times as a kid, that I've finally gotten over my terror of having my legs chewed off by Bruce the Jaws shark. Hmmmmm...well, I don't care...I'm still going to the Cape this summer. Plus, my sis moved into a condo right on the beach in NJ. FREE LODGING!!!

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