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  1. Since it's shark week It got me wondering. Has anybody ever had any experiences with sharks? I'm not just talking about a shark "attack" but just any unexpected encounters with a shark.
  2. wasnt unexpected but i have swam with sharks in a shark tank.

    Such a crazy ass feeling swimming across just knowing that if they wanted to they could eat you
  3. i dont think its very common to encounter a shark that doesnt end in an attack

    anyways im scared to leave my house. this thing is waiting outside
  4. I can remember when I was about 11 or 12, I was in misquamicut, Rhode Island for the day at the beach with my family. I was boogie boarding and when I was about to take a wave I saw a shark that had to be only 3 feet long. It scared the shit out of me even though it was so small. I took the wave in and was too scared to go back in the water that day.
  5. i got blowed and went through a glass tunnel, on an escalator, and there were sharks swimming above me. fuckin hammerheads bro, it was cool but i was nervous. if the glass broke id hafta fight my way out of a tank full of pissed off sharks ya know

  6. actually, there quite a few different species of shark that aren't aggressive, only attacking when provoked, or really fuckn hungry.

    Oooh shit i've been in that I forget where that was at though was that seaworld or san diego zoo?

  7. i learn something new every day
  8. Not even 2 weeks ago when I was getting my Scuba Instructor License we were diving about 60ft down and this motherfucking shark comes out of nowhere and just swims within 3 feet of me really slow just going by, he didn't mess with us or anything but needless to say I had little skid marks on my wet suit. I recommend anyone to get the instructor license though, its good for some side money if you want it. I have a full time job as a carpenter and only do it in my free time but I enjoy it alot, it's easy, and you get payed for it.
  9. Never have and hope I never will.
  10. Sharks get a bad rap but you have a better chance of being killed by a cow than a shark

  11. like a living cow or from eating bad meat
  12. Encountered a few while surfin' back in the day,never had any problems.

  13. Living they crush people
  14. or stab with there horns
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    Cows don't have horns lol...

  16. Ahem..."Cow" is in general use as a singular for the collective "cattle", despite the objections by those who insist it to be a female-specific term.
  17. I live in FL so I go to the beach a lot. One time I was swimming with a few friends pretty far out. I saw a bunch of little fish dippin away from this one area. So I look over and a fuckin shark jumps outta the water like 75 ft in front of me. So I am blazed as shit and had been drinkin so I was like holy fuck and just swam the other way towards shore. I got to shore and the shark was still floppin around out there. Close call IMO. sharks are fuckin scary. Oh yea another time I was out on a boat and we were snorkeling over this old ship wreck in pompano. There were mad tiger sharks swimmin in and out of shipwreck. tiger sharks aren't aggressive though so I swam right up to those fuckers and they didn't do shit. Sorry if this was a wall of text but I just blazed some bowls of trainwreck and am high as fuck so I really don't feel like dealing wit grammar lol.
  18. Two encounter actualy

    The first I was just at the beach in Florida where I live and a lady screamed shark but it was like jaws people calmly got out of the water and we saw 3 sharks swim by no big deal.

    2nd was kind of scary on the other hand. Down in the Bahamas we were diving at a secret spot that was actually were this company dumped fish heads and stuff they don't use(we didn't know at the time) so we get in the water see a few sharks but like small 3 foot reef sharks nothing new and then out if no where this 8 ft bull shark is 10 feet above me checking out our boat. I was scared shitless and me and my budy just kind of motioned to stay calm and pointed in a direction were there was another bull shark! So we waited about 5 minutes on the bottom untill we saw no shark near our boat and got out of the water. We were told about the chum later and said that we were lucky to only see two sharks that didn't feel like eating us.
  19. holy shit that second story is intense semprfidelis. So were exactly were you in the water i dont quite understand..

    When i was in like 7th grade me and my 2 buddies were hanging out with my older sister and her hot friends at the beach :cool: and me and my buddies took these boogie boards out in the water and we were just going out towards the water and all of a sudden all my sister and her friends were screaming like MOTHER FUCKER COME BACK HERE! COME TO THE SHORE!!!

    we were like psh yeah right because we thought they just wanted our boogie boards and we look over and there was a 3-4 foot shark literally not even a foot away from me!
    It was pretty small and probly wasnt even harmless but i was like WTFUCK. luckily right when i noticed a wave came and i caught it perfectly and rode it back to shore and my friends were right behind me. then i cried for 6 hours

    not really on the crying haha
  20. I was off the coast about 3 miles and the water there is blue as it can be flyin over we saw a sunken ship and I marked the spot and wanted to check it out. It was like 35 ft deep and I was down near the boat that's why I hadn't noticed the shark above me. I thought it was a great white at first and I was only 17 and I swear my heart never beated so fast haha

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