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Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I am getting my medical marijuana card hopefully next week

    I love smoking medically but it is also a ritual to smoke with friends.

    None of my friends have an illness that can get them a card, i do (crohns)...

    I love smoking with them and I was wondering...since im gonna have large amoutns (8 oz +) of weed at a time, is it immoral to smoke out a friend every now and then or toss them a sack when they're flat? (Nothing too huge though)
  2. illegal, yes. immoral, not at all. commendable around these parts. ;)
  3. just how illegal is it?

    I mean would flat out smoking with them be illegal?
  4. yes but im sure they wont tell.
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    what the fuck?

    I'm so confused right now.
  6. This is something you should decide on your own.

    It depends on your own morals.

  7. it would be the same as me sharing my hydrocodone when I had surgery. But they're you're buds, (haha pun intended) I doubt they're gonna go blabbing.
  8. Good point, ill keep how i get it behind wraps too i guess.
  9. i wish i had a med card,
    and ya u should share.
    I would:smoke:

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