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Sharing Is Caring

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by S0UR, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Gave one of my dealers a .6 of Blue Dream as I bought an eighth because I fell asleep and he was here for like 25 minutes... He deserved it lol and I got some more Sour D... :D Have any of you ever just gave some nug to someone? Friends/family/anyone, it doesn't have to be a dealer. Why did you do it and who did you give it go? :smoking:
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  2. I always leave a bowl or 2 for my friends dad when I smoke at his house.
  3. yeah sometimes when i pick up from a dealer vs the dispensary ill give out a sample of some bubble hash or pressed keif, its always very much appreciated lol.
  4. When my dad used to smoke, I would give him a nug after I pick up in return for whenever he smoked me out.
  5. I've left a nug in my friends bong just cuz I knew he was dry. And I always smoke at his house.
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  6. I give buds to my boys when I know they are dry and we won't be smoking together anytime soon. It's usually anywhere from a .5 to and eighth depending.
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  7. my roommate has no hookups and goes through me to get weed all the time and usually give me like 5 bucks extra, so i let him smoke with me for free all the time, and will give him like a bowl pack or two if hes going to a different party than i am on a friday or something
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  8. Yeah man one of my boys was having a rough time at home for awhile so me and a couple of my buddies bought an O and smoked him out on it
  9. I'm very generous when it comes to giving out my nugs. I sell my friends grams of dank for $10 sometimes or give 1.5 for $20. I let my girlfriend and her friends smoke for free as well. I'm a very generous toker :smoke:
  10. Usually when I pick up I roll some blunts but mostly joints and I call a friend up and I let him almost have like half of that jay, it's always fun to see non experienced or little experienced smokers smoke :D, and how they act when they get high, reminds me of my first days..Now I just blaze n fell, no more excitement :(
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    I grew up smoking a lot with my brothers and dad and we always shared everything. Bud, pieces, name it. We usually get each other some bud related things for presents too.
    Back in high school and college when I dealt, I smoked everyone out all the time. I had so much free bud I didn't care lol.
    Every weekend I'd get a fat sack of mids just for smoking girls out at parties haha. I'd twist up some middie blunts for everyone then I'd go face a few j's of fire haha
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  12. I give my girlfriend an occasional gram (8
  13. Sharing its a rule now!
  14. I smoke with my girlfriend and my boys never actually handed weed out though.
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  15. Good shit guys
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    I'll drop off nug or two at home for my parents every morning when i drive into town. Always loved smoking with them and it's nice having parents getting my back if there's a problem. Also smoke my girl out all the time. Life is good.

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  17. id rather have 2 grams for 20 instead of 1.5 for 20. ....

    You give them 1.0 for 10 dollars, 1.5 for 20 dollars lol?

  18. That's what i was thinking, like 1.8-2.1g usually what i get
  19. I grow three plants per season and only require about 7 ounces/year for personal use- anything beyond that is given away.
  20. Yeah I've definitively helped out some of my buddies a time or two... I've smoked them up, and I also think that giving your friends a place to smoke, is valuable. So say I give them a place to smoke, they smoke me up, vice versa.

    Last weekend, I was dry, and not planning to toke, but my two buddies were kind enough to give me a quarter each of their cannacookies, which actually is a nice thing to do, as they didn't have anymore left after that.

    - Serenity

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