Sharing an expen$ive bong?

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  1. So I have very nice glass on glass 7mm thick bong that cost about the price of an xbox or ps3 or an ounce (about $350). I have been getting stingy lately about my friends and roomates wanting to use it because I had one like it before that I broke myself so I am naturally more careful, hence the 7mm, which is a good amount thicker than the previous one. I don't really like to smoke bong all the time because it's harsh (being a 2 foot tall one) and I don't want to get used to that because it will lower my tolerance. I like to use it with friends (used to) because it is honestly big and kind of dope to look at and a little "show-offy" , but after a LOT of "hey can we use the bong?", I started feeling used since I spent a lot of money on it (not that I'm expecting them to pay me just to use it, nor would I accept that because that would be really lame of me) and I have been kind of enjoying smoking it myself as a "me thing", while I reserve joints and bowls for social smoking. I was just looking for an objective eye on the situation, and maybe some advice. Am I being too stingy and is there any ways I can say no without giving page worth of excuses like this or seeming like a jerk, because I have the bong literally right next to me but don't want to let it out of it's comfortable bag more than once every few weeks for social smokes. I bought it a while ago for me to use, just like going to buy a pair of glasses which aids my vision, thus creating pleasure. The bong aids my mental state (patient speaking), thus creating pleasure. It's hard to find input on these things considering it's more legally grey than a pair of glasses or shoes and I can't really complain to superiors or elders that I know about my "dope problems", what do you think grasscity? Oh yeah sorry for the long post.

    Also I like smoking an matching up with friends. I also don't really mind sharing out my other material things...just not my smoking things. Oh yeah the same goes for grinder too.
  2. It's your bong.
    I never let people borrow my bongs, unless im going on vacation and i need a close friend to take care of it.
  3. I find my bong a pretty personal thing too. i dont mind (some) people using it when im using it, about the same amount i dont mind (some) people driving my car if im in it.
    But i would flip if i saw someone drive past in my bong;)
  4. I feel you on not wanting to let them use it all the time because its an expensive piece. I know I wouldn't want someone to constantly bug me about it. You just have to let them know that its something you want to keep for a long time, and that its nothing personal but you would rather them only use it when you feel comfortable bringing it out because you would really like to lessen the chance for something bad to happen and have it break. I have seen several mishaps from people being careless with someones piece so I am always kind of sketched out when people use my piece. It also helps to let them know that if they do break it then they WILL reimburse you.
  5. I am also very protective of my quality glass. I'll let others use it if I'm observing, but theres only two people I would entrust with my bongs long term.
  6. bongs are purchased to be used, so why would you feel used when your friends wanna use it?
  7. There's no problem with you just saying no.

    That's a decent amount of money to entrust someone with, especially someone who didn't spend the money in the first place, and possibly has no respect for nice glass.

    I'm more then happy to smoke out of a bong with friends, if I'm there. But borrowing is a entirely different situation, reserved for only the most trusted of friends. :bongin:
  8. [quote name='"Just619"']bongs are purchased to be used, so why would you feel used when your friends wanna use it?[/quote]

    It sucks putting down a lot on a bong and then having friends just constantly want to use it like it's nothing. I'm the only one of my friends that actually buys high end glass I don't really bring anything out with friends because if it gets broken in use I doubt they'll pay for it. A lot of ppl have shitty glass etiquette too(slamming bowls into joints, setting down bong hard, hitting it in awkward position that could easily fall, pulling out and dropping diffusers while clearing, etc)
  9. I've got two quite nice toobs, and I let friends whom I trust use them. Anyone new, I'll watch 'em, though. Wouldn't want a tube to be dropped while I was being negligent.
  10. if im not using it no one is using it. if you feel its gonna get broken during a sesh remind ppl how expensive nice glass is most ppl are more cautious when you tell them that.

  11. i hold my breath when a new person hits mine haha
  12. The way my friends smoke. Never.

    The thing would come back black and disgusting.

    There's only two people I would trust my bong with and one doesn't smoke.
  13. If i were you id just tell them yeah, but not to be a dick you break it you help(mainly) to buy a new one. Also ask them to clean it after :bongin: only if you trust them that is.
  14. i have pieces that stay in my apartment and that i only use by myself or MAYBE a responsible and respectful friend. other than that, my heady shit is personal.

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