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Discussion in 'General' started by rebelquietly, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. My friend said he took shrooms with his friends and all three of them were watching soccer and the birds on the tv flew out of the tv and they all saw it. Is this possible or is my friend a dumbass, he's not really known to lie tho.
  2. Don't know, never tried shrooms. Ofcourse, your probably wondering why i'm answering your question. Well, I'll tell you why.
  3. Shrooms can make you hallucinate pretty bad, but I doubt they saw "birds flying out of the tv." My vote goes for he's lying.
  4. well i've never done shrooms but i heard that u don't realy see stuff but only things disform and look like jello but i'm sorta talkin out my ass

  5. i thought that was hilarious
  6. never done shrooms. but ummm my mom did acid like 70 times in 3 months when she was like 25 (she's 46 now) annnnd she tells me when people say trees chased them and they thought the couch was gonna eat them and all that shit is total bullshit
  7. the power of suggestion is very strong in the trippers mind.
  8. heres how it goes.

    you know he never saw it. i know he never saw it. we ALL know he never saw it, but you know what, ill bet he's sure he did. Not because he actually saw it, but because he just for some stupid reason thinks he needs to say and beleive stupid shit about drugs.

    did that make sense??
  9. yes adam, he was tripping and in his fucked up world with a head full of mushrooms anything could have been possible.
  10. These two guys tried telling me they both saw a basket ball fly out of the tv screen and onto the floor infront of them after they had smoked weed...they were so full of shit...but i didnt want to make them mad so i was like "oh...thats cool"...haha im high.

  11. Haha, yeah that's what shrooms do man. Did them last weekend for like the 5th time...everything looks like it's breathing and shit.
  12. haha! maybe it really happnenedd
  13. well ive never done shrooms but ive had some 'philosophers stone truffles' at a peace festival in a nearby town, they made everything sort of pulsate. and they made colours more colourful if that makes any sense at all... of course i invented some shit about a beer can trying to eat me just to keep peoples perceptions of what things do to you fucked up. then i stared at the grass for two hours and got sunburn...
  14. the peace festial rocks.

    i mainly remember all the campers haha
  15. one time after eating a 1/4 oz of zooms, me and 2 buddies (who also had a 1/4) were chillin , and i swear one of them looked like a bug, i asked the other one if he saw it, and we both thought this guy was a bug (only his head was a bug, the rest of him seemed normal). anyways, a couple min after that, the dudes mouth started melting shut, he was talkin but it was shut, kinda like in the first Matrix movie
  16. I had friends who used to do ecstasy and K at the same time together. They would take what they called "the ride" which is when they all sat next to each other on the couch and they claim to all feel the same effect, which they described as being on a roller coaster. I think they were all just fucked up(obviously) then they talked about it and came to some sort of consensus that they were all experiencing the same thing.

    I'm sticking to what I already said in this thread.
  17. He might have seen it. I've seen things mutate really strangely when on shrooms (once one of my friends faces looked completely messed up, i could have sworn she was growing horns). I wouldn't doubt the guy... I mean I know it wouldn't have actually looked like a bird flew out, but he might have seen something strange out of the corner of his eye and decided that it was birds.

    I've never actually conjured up an object on a shroom trip, but when you're tripping hard you can see some really strange meltings of objects.

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