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  1. this is definately my craziest trip, and i thought i would share it with everyone just to make some good conversation. tell me if you have ever had shit similar to this ever happen to u, or just an awkward or weird trip that just did seem thc induced, but most likely was. so i went to wrestling camp this summer for ten days, didnt smoke any weed when i was there, but smoked like a mother fucker all summer up until the day i left for camp. so i came back home, and obviously getting blazed is top priority. so me and my bud go get a dub or a quarter or whatever and take it back to one of our friends house with about 5 or 6 people and just kick it, smoke some blunts, take some bong rips, and eventually we are all feelin right. i mean we didnt smoke a shit load, but enough anyways. so its gettin late and im ripped and one of my other friends needs a ride home. i go downstairs and get out to my truck ready to roll out. i start my truck, get my music goin, got my window down, then i lift my foot off the clutch, and nothing happens, i feel my leg go no where. i begin to get confused and panic a little bit, and i turn on my light to see if my leg was for real not moving or was just trippin balls. so i shut all my off roll my window up and all that shit, get out and suddenly my left side slightly tingles, then next thing i know my whole body is feels weightless, numb, and paralyzed. i made my friend go on a short walk with me to the stop sign and back, and he is thinkin this shit is hilarious, and im trippin cause i feel paralyzed or like my body was gone or some shit. so i take him home, and i had to watch my hand and my feet when i was driving cause i couldnt feel where they were unless i was watching them. the whole time i was praying to the good lord above to let me survive this fucking rediculious 3 mile in town horror mission. i was goin pretty fast cause i had no judgement on how hard my foot was pressin on the gas, or even if it was on the gas, or if i fucking even had a foot. well anyways, i was trippin balls and to this day i still wonder what the hell was in that weed.
  2. haha nah i have never bought pre rolled shit. i dunno what was up with it, it didnt look weird, just like some alright middy. it probably wasnt laced for real, it was just a different trip
  3. Um.... You probably shouldn't of been driving if you were that fucked up... Next time don't take that stupid risk..

    I've had my body start to tingle and ... somewhat go numb but not like paralyzed... I feel paralyzed in bed every morning, but other than that nope... :smoke:
  4. Hmmm so no pre-rolled.

    Inspected the buds good?

    sounds like you just got some insane shit.

    Cuz if theres like crack or even like salvia in there you can tell. Salvia can be spotted because its drier than bud.

    Actually, i wonder how Salvia would go with weed.
  5. I doubt it was laced but I dunno, its possible I suppose. Sounds like you just got really fuckin high... I get like that off good indica sometimes....

    P.S- Driving when you feel like that is how you kill someone.
  6. The 3rd or 4th time I smoked, I got WAY WAY WAY too high and got exactly what you got.

    I couldn't feel the pedals through my shoes, so I took my shoes off and could BARELY feel the pedals. Also I was 100% focused on the road and could barely feel where I was moving my hands.

    Completely driving 100% on instinct.

    I was on a fairly narrow road - I could drive it fine sober, but high I was having a bitch of a time staying inside the lines.

    When people say it might be laced, it just means you got WAY high. More high then ever.

    IT happens. Havent eaten in a while? Havent Blazed in a long time? Smoke a lot?

    Shit just gets out of hand sometimes
  7. haha im pretty sure i took off my shoes too. i dont remember i was high
  8. duuude same shit happened to me too man.

    i was cruising with one of my good friends and after some joints we sparked a bowl and all of the sudden it felt as if my foot melted to the pedal, and i couldn't do anything about it. creepy as hell when your high. but i drove fine none the less.
  9. They go together great.. Pack a small bowl and put a layer of salvia on top you'll love it
  10. Goes quite nicely aye..

    @ the OP, probably was just the 10 day T break and some good bud mate.
  11. alright, so I was smoking this nice haze from my dealer. not really sure
    what its called now that I think about it, but anyways I started toking up
    and It hit me hard like harder then ever before and it was a good trip
    but it was with a head ache like it turned from a good buzz to a head
    ache to a buzz again it was amazing. well when I didn't have a head ache
    at least but anyways thats my weird trip
  12. This is more of a funny wtf story but nonetheless. I was sitting in a parking lot in my car waiting for my friend to get off work so we can blaze these two blunts I had extra and I'm sitting there already stoned off my ass and outta no where this black dude with a long ass gray beard and a grey hoodie and jogging pants gos running across the fucking parking lot and steals a cart and takes off down this hill and bails on the fucking cart and smashes into the curb and rolls down the hill the rest of the way and im sitting laughing my ass off while this guy is just laying there and I call my friend and tell him whats going down and he says that its some guy named Reggie and he smokes tons of crack. God damn it it was so fucking hilarious.
  13. hahahhaha im not even high and i think its hilarious
  14. I see your a fellow missourian.
  15. Hah i'm gonna go pick up some Salvia from a headshop and make a Salvia spliff.
  16. one time i smoked this good stuff. . called grass

    this shit was so good,
    i was buyin it for a while but one day the bag i got wasnt sitting right. . .

    i didnt get the good feeling i got before from all the other times i smoked it
    so called up the guy,

    said, "hey what the fuck?"

    and he tells me. . .

    dont you tell me my weed isnt good ill kick your ass for defaming me in front of the townspeople!
    but he couldnt kick my ass . . . instead he kicked me out of town.

    so i just cut my hair. . .

  17. Damn i have also wondered if that's happened to others.

    I had 6 vicodin 5/500 around noon...pretty bad for the liver right?

    anyway later around 8pm my friend and i were driving home after just having smoked 2 blunts with 2 other ppl. it was just mids bud dayum i felt like my body was weightless.

    Dont know if it was the vikes and the weed or what but dayum i want some more to do it again.

    A previous time I stopped at a gas station after smoking to buy a pack of blunts and the clerk bitch starts chatting up with her friend about how high i looked. I guess i was pretty damn baked. anway at this point in time i have a broken hand and she brings it up blah blah blah talking her ass off not handing me the blunts and all of a sudden my vision starts going dark...i get fucking blind for a good 20 seconds and pass out/sleep/brain dead/idontknowwhatthefuck while standing there. next thing i know she is shaking my shoulder asking me if i am ok. i say yea attempt to run out the door but hear her yell i forgot my wallet on the counter. i hop my friends car and about 5 minutes later the same shit happened and he wakes me up.

    I dont know what the fuck happened but thank god it hasn't happened since. should prolly mention i had 3-4 vics in my system because of the hand.
  18. i have trips like that sometimes noww but its not that intense.
    when i first started smoking there was this one day tht i was so damn high i couldnt be higher than high..
    heres a quick storyy..
    i was smoking withh my buddies nd my homies car nd we had some train wreck from the nite before so we loaded like 4 bowls while we were picking up some afghan.
    after the 4 bowls i was pretty lit so we go backk pick up a blunt nd start rollin in the car.
    we hot box the shitt for like 40 min.. this was when i first started smoking intensley.
    Anywho i was high as hell. i was numb as fuck nd i felt heavyy.. everytime i would move my toes or my fingers nd shit i would feel a big ass shock go threoughout my entire body,
    ive neverr been tht blazed nd my entire life afterr tht..
    now tht i smoke a gangload of ganja i have those trips for like a few seconds but i get my sences backk.
  19. born and raised buddd.

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