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    weird or regular, whatever.
    i have had a couple recurring dreams as a child that i dont have anymore but here a few. 
    i would be in a huge room with a table and a chair, the ceiling would have one ceiling tile missing from it and a witch would be cackling and it would sound far away. somehow i would end up crawling in the ceiling and then i fall through the ceiling with a four wheeler in chucky cheeses. lol its weird but i always used to have that dream. 
    i have more but actually cant remember them very well. 
    whenever i dream im in a house, it will always end up having some kind of ghost or spirit in it, always. 
    whenever i dream of being outside at night, if i look in the sky i would see some kind of ufo of some sort. 
    if i ever realize im in a dream it will turn into a nightmare if i try to mess with it too much. 
    i always have my dreams in first and third person, somehow i am the one doing things, but im also watching me do things. which is weird. 
    if i realize im in a dream and want to fly or something, the only way i can fly is if i find a pillow to grab onto, lol. 
    i do remember having one terrible dream that has scarred me for a while, i was in a carnival or fair, and somethin just didnt seem right about it, i look at this furnace type thing and i pull out a tray from the furnace and its a burning baby with a missing leg. from what i understood the sweat from the baby fueled the whole fair. that was the worst dream ive ever had in my life probably. and after i pull the baby out it switches to a deer jumping off of a cliff. 
    [SIZE=13.63636302948px]i cant think of anything else but when i do ill post it here lol. [/SIZE]

  2. My dreams come with a prerequisite of being weird.

    I will update this thread next time I have one, as I dont remember the dreams I had this morning, or anything more than bits and pieces of others, but be assured, when I do, shits gon be cray
  3. it's a sunny day and the streets are crowded. i'm walking and i see my friend waiting in a long line. i don't know what he's waiting for. he looks at me weird. we have eye contact but we don't talk. i just walk past him. i see couple more familiar faces and they look at me weird. i pass by a building with windows so i stop to look at myself in the reflection. i have hair and eyebrows. i don't look like a skeleton. i'm normal? i now notice that my walking has been lighter. how did my hair and eyebrows grow so long in less than 24 hours? i was not like this when i went to bed... there is a feeling of relief and happiness (things that don't make sense seems to make sense in dreams... until i wake up to realize how impossible and stupid it is). i'm trying to remember what i did for this miracle to happen. then i remember that i was granted a wish from some character in an anime (i think it had to do with either claymore or one piece. i can't recall).
    i keep walking and i pass by many people. they're all waiting in lines. i arrive at an apartment building. i'm walking upstairs. i don't know where i'm going but i'm constantly walking. i think it's either the third or fourth floor where i'm interrupted. a boy with cancer shows up and i go to his apartment. he doesn't have hair or eyebrows. looks, or looked, like me. he somehow knows i had cancer and asks how i got my health back. i stumble for an answer. how do i tell him that someone granted me a wish and it came true without sounding like a liar? i just tell him that i don't know.
    next, i arrive at a food court. i see my friends and we wait in line together. i order from mcdonalds and a pizzeria. we sit to eat and talk. it's like how it used to be. i grab the pizza and as i proceed to bite it, i wake up to see myself biting my own fingers.
    it was weird because everything seemed nostalgic and familiar. i've never felt so relieved and happy. i was shaking in joy. i was able to taste and have outside food. but i would wake up to see that i'm still bedridden in a hospital bed. i still look like lord voldemort. i can't taste and my menu is limited. i would've never thought that health was something to be jealous about.
  4. Usually I have weird dreams that are like video games, that I am in (like virtual reality or I'm watching a video game-ish movie I am in).
    I've also had dreams where I've died. In one, I was a girl (wtf?), it was winter and I was being chased by indians on horses. I tried to hide near a pond, but I was shot in the chest with an arrow. I died and then everything went black for several seconds. I while I was waking up I actually thought I had died. I was a kid when I had that dream.
    In another one I was in a tiny room inside a radio station. There were racks of video games on one wall, and a large window on the other. I was having a hard time breathing (or suffocating) and was trying to get out. I woke up as I dreamed about walking to the door, trying to get it open, and not being able to. This was the first time I experienced sleep paralysis. I woke up unable able to move anything and unable to breath at all. It lasted a few seconds or so and right before I regained control, I thought "I'm going to die". It was a little jarring.
  5. god i hate sleep paralysis :( i have it usually when i take naps or something, i try so hard to move, i have to start with my toes. the worst part is when your in a half dreaming half awake paralysis state, the last time that happened a monster was forming in my room coming towards paralyzed me :(.
  6. google search "waking nightmares"

    I think this is what u are experiencing. My wife gets them sometimes accompanied by sounds or a scary presence.
  7. Hope this helps u guys I know she was terrified for a long time. Still gets creeped out but I assure her she's okay and that I will give that monster the business if he try's anything lol
  8. My teeth were candy corn
  9. I had this dream recently where I was taken away by people wearing plague doctor costumes they wanted to run some kind of test on me. I got anesthetized but it never worked, They started to talk about plots and plans but I couldn't make out what was being said. one turns to me and can see I'm still conscious, He turns back to the other one and said we have to kill him he knows too much. Then just before I woke up I could see one of them glaring at me. It was almost like the view you see looking through one of them door spy holes. 
  10. When i was a kid i had this dream that my friend and I were skiing down a hill. Well i cliff came up so i stopped but he flew off :eek: i went back to this building after and he was being chased by a T-Rex haha.

    Also, the other night i can't remember exactly but i was at this inn and Tywinn Lannister was there :laughing:

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  11. my dreams always seem so jumbled. like 3 stories in one. 
    at first i was in the woods in a shady neighborhood at night, it seemed deserted and i was walking around, my intentions felt like i was looking for trouble, but couldn't find any. 
    next scene is i end up in a car on the road, i can see the people in the car and the person who is me, doesn't even look like me. but i know its me, anyways we are sitting in the car and i was asleep, there where two men up front and one was getting dressed to leave the car talking about how it would be better for everyone if he left, i remember the other guy saying how devastated i would be and what not. then i wake up. 
  12. I often have reoccurring dreams involving my dad and I trying to kill and or hurt each other.
  13. No joke, I had this nightmare once where I was in the final scene of the first Chucky movie, but instead of Chucky it was Danny Devito. That sounds hilarious, but I woke up sweating and was freaked out for like half of the day. 
  14. my dream today was crazy bipolar
    so i dream im some secret agent being trained by some girl and we are in a high rise or whatever, i look out the window and see one of our own people shooting a rocket launcher at a helicopter, but he misses, we jump out the window onto these ropes and slide down to the garage, find a random car, get it, and drive. i start looking at the cds and there some alice in chains and some other artists i like that i cant remember, i believe it was deftones. 
    so anyways my dream cuts off and changes to another scene where im driving sown the highway by myself and look into the sky, a helicopter was spinning out of control getting ready to crash and it does, i put my car in turbo somehow and drive down to see if the person was okay, and he was fine. he gets in my car and we go to the country for some odd reason. 
    then i end up in the mall with my high school crush and his friend just walking around, it seemed like we where tren setter because everyone was marveling at our outfits. lol. then i woke up.
    like wut
  15. Fuck I need to remember this thread, had some dreams that qualified today, but Ige forgotten all details from watching Key and Peele
  16. Tripped acid a few days ago, that night my dream was going to my friends house and saving her sisters life and then having sex with her
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    I had a dream a few weeks ago.
    Was walking around my grandparents town, a quite little place in southern Illinois.  I was older, established in the town yet in some regards still a visitor.  My brother would pop into my dream from time to time, but only when I was at my grandparents house.
    So, the strange part is that I was carrying around my grandmothers head.  It wasn't bleeding or weird - it was just a head, that couldn't talk but was still alive.  I fed her roast beef sandwiches by slicing them length wise, forming a teepee and then placing her head at the top of the teepee (like up through the neck), so she could eat.  No one in town was bothered by it.  My brother tried to feed her and he did it wrong so I had to show him.
    Then I ran into a girl I'd never seen nor met before but felt I knew - she tried to be bitchy and say something rude, so I fired back at her and that seemed to set into motion a weird emotional affair with her.  Not sexual mind you, but intense like when you lock eyes with someone and over the course of a few seconds the tone of the gaze changes.  Well this changed to something soft and knowing, like a lifetime in a few moments.
    My grandmother screams and I woke up.
    That was a few weeks ago.  Haven't been asleep since.
    <.<    >,>  
  18. I had a dream the other week about a childhood friend whom i haven't spoken to in quite some time. I had just gotten with my GF and met my friend in the dream and we caught up. He's still a virgin, but he was telling me about how him and my gf were like fucking before i met her. It was really werid but funny now looking back on it

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  19. Last night was fucking nuts.

    I dreamed I was with my mom, and we were hanging out, and out of no where I saw my dog that has been dead for 2 years.

    I petted the dog, and asked my mom if she was seeing this too, and she said no. I came to the conclusion that I was hallucinating. I then started to question reality, afterall if I was hallucinating my dog, then how do I know if anything is real.

    The dream then shifted and I was sitting in my room, and I could move things with my mind. That kinda freaked me out.

    It shifted again, and I was transported to a parallel distopian universe that I couldnt escape from. The inhabitants knew I wasn't from there so they interogated and tortured me.

    Finally the dream shifted to a random party. Me being on probation couldn't smoke weed, and I was too close to my next drug test to drink.

    I woke up confused as fuck.

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  20. I still remember one from this morning/last night.
    I was just walking in some town and i walk by this camera crew and alot of people gathered in one spot all looking up. I look up and see a guy on top of a building about to jump. And as the guy jumps off the building i wanted to run towards him but couldnt move, and when he hits the pavement, bloods spatters everywhere and i woke up. Crazy shit

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