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Share Your Smoking Techniques

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by superstoner3, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. everyone has their own tricks and techniques when it comes to smoking. Many of us have a variety of devices and ways of getting high; from bongs to pipes. however is there a Dominant technique that will work above the rest. aka is there a way to get a perfect hit off of a bong, pipe. if there a perfect way to roll and hit a J or dutch.
    share your ideas and techniques, just answer the following phrase; using *insert favorite way/device* i found that if you hit it this way(insert tech), you can get much higher
    *my share
    when i hit a bong, i pack the slider to its max, packed snug, use the lighter for 1 second(to get it cherry) then i pull for a total of 10 seconds, every 2 seconds i lift the slider quickly, then i try and hold(which is like impossible) and cough my brains out. when i rebound my head is spinning like crazy @~@

  2. I don't really think there's an advanced technique to smoking. The only thing scrubs really need to learn is to get it in their lungs and not to hold it in their mouth lol.

    If i were to offer advice though, I'd say to make sure always leave some room in your lungs at the end of your pull so you can inhale fresh air after the smoke. That way, much like a bong being cleared, all of the smoke gets into your lungs instead of some being stuck in your throat/mouth (equivalent of smoke being left over in a bong).

    Other than that I don't really think there's a "best" way to pull. Most of the "bests" comes from the piece itself or the way you roll your device.
  3.  i guess but you ever smoke with a rookie and they dont even know what to do, plus i had a friend who used to hit a pipe and his finger would go on and off the carb like a machine gun
  4. I second what RvginATL said - leaving some room to inhale fresh air after inhaling smoke/vapour is a must.
    For me, I've noticed an improvement of the hit (in the long run, not just initially) by holding the hit longer and breathing simultaneously. Bu doing the following: Inhaling smoke/vapour but leaving some room for fresh air, then inhaling fresh air to push the smoke/vapour in my throat and windpipe down my lungs, then 'breathing on' the hit by breathing shallowly allowing me to hold the smoke/vapour longer whilst still breathing. And yes, I'm aware that scientific studies has shown that THC is absorbed in 3 seconds, but I've found an improvement with holding it longer and so have all of my toker friends. It could be placebo but it wouldn't hurt to try it. Plus, there is large margin of error in studies concerning marijuana.
  5. cone joints and blunts is where its at
  6. I'm a splif kinda guy myself but i can still keish a fat bowl when the time comes. The trick to getting higher or getting in more THC is not in the way you smoke your bong, but in the amount of smoke you manage to fill your lungs with. Therefor BIGGER LUNG CAPACITY = MUCH MORE BAKED. And obviously the longer you can hold the milkshot in your lungs before exploding the higher you'll get.
    Also a tip that can make a good j less harsh is to tear off a piece of the rizzla on the non sticky side, then roll it may seem like nothing but its less paper you're smoking and more ganja.
    When smoking a bucket bong it's easier to roll a huge j and put that in the cone, it saves you having to pack the cone every time. Especially if you're entertaining fellow tokers.
  7. If your bong is pulling all shitty and never ever wants to keish maybe its time to invest in a new cone. I find that with every different cone that i smoke out of keishes and pulls in a different way.
    Pulling your bong slower when making a cherry helps because you take less actual bong smoke and this gives the smoker time to exhale some of the little excess smoke that was in the chamber through his/her nose.
    PrettyWize huh?
  8. Before I take a rip, I expell all of the air from my lungs by performing a long slow exhale. Then I light the bowl ablaze, and slowly inhale for 15-20 seconds. Navy Seal style

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