Share Your Opinion On A Soft Subject (Minor Has Sex With Adult 20 Years Older)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nima87, May 28, 2013.

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    ive come a across a really fucked up situation and i would like to hear what you guys think of this whole thing and if i should do something. Someone i know who's bipolar and only 17 (if thats relevant) went to an ice cream store and ended up fucking a 38 year old married man with kids and he did give her beer and perhaps cocaine but she may have brought the coke herself. he owns the store and several other stores too. she says it was consensual but he definitely took advantage of her and he did it again yesterday night. Should i let this keep happening or get the police involved. 

  2. Whoa, gross. Granted, she's 17 & understands what she's doing, the age gap is weird and disgusting because he's married and all, but she's really old enough to make her own decisions, not legally of course. I don't know man, that's a sick situation. If you think the dudes into younger girls maybe alert the authority because who knows if he's hitting it with younger ones. -___-

    I'm going to lock my daughters in a closet now.
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    I'm pretty sure the age of consent is 16 or 17 depending on the state, I would stay out of it unless you believe that she is in danger. It kind of sickening thinking of a 38 yr old with a 17 yr old so try to talk to her and let her know what shes doing is stupid, I'm sure she can find someone her age if she just wants to fuck.
  4. OMG a 38 year old man's body is all wrinkly and stinky. Gross.
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    Lolol!!!!!! :p he could be fit, but if he's messing with little girls he's prob a wrinkly dirtbag.
  6. That's disgusting. Soooooo gross.
  7. i was thinking of talking to this guy face to face but i guess staying out of it and letting it keep happening is better? and ive talked to the girl and ive tried to get her to understand its wrong but she doesnt seem to agree at all. 
  8. Then let her be dude. She wants to fuck some old ass man, let her. What's it matter to you?!
  9. Why do you have to be a knight in shining armor? How did you find out about this?
  10. im sorry i just have trouble letting something just happen like sure she can do what she wants but if you guys think doing stuff like this doesnt fuck with someones head in anyway then..okay. and she bragged to me about it like its actually something to be proud of. 
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    Less morals, more keeping shit to yourself. :bolt:
  12. hmm so by that logic i guess extortion is on the table  :D
  13. Lol, well if she's proud let her be then. Only embarrassing herself.
  14. did she get any ice cream tho?
    This guy is probably the store owner lol.
  16. all over her faceeee
  17. And this bothers you?
  18. no the part were he's 38 and thinks he's untouchable kinda does

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