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Discussion in 'General' started by Sublimesun420, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Last week i did two hits of acid, ate some peyote (my friend told me later that it was about 500 mg of mescline), and 5 grams of shrooms and FUCK man i was trippin really hard. after about 30 minutes a bow and arrow popped into my hands and i had a gardian angel. It felt like i was in the game final fantasy! then i found a party and we went into the doungen of death and i was scared shitless. this big ass spider jumped out and Jack (a person i saw in this trip) tried to slash him with a sword and the spider KILLED HIM! at this point i was really freakin out so i ran but it followed me so i stopped being a pussy, turned around, and shot it right in the head. it yelled and died and i was like "HAHA YOU DEAD." they he shattered and the peices made up the world again but it was all dietorted. i still had the gardian angel though. i decided to lay down (on what seemed like a circle bed) and suddenly i look down and my body dissapeared. I went to the mirror to see if my body really did disapear, BIG MISTAKE. my reflection turned into a vampire and popped out of the mirror. I ran for my life out the house and i think my friend followed me cause he said somthin about trippin i think. then we walked around the lake by my house and i saw all kinds of crazy shit like a battle ship trying to cannon a town building and a bunch of horses and stables. i dont remember much after that but that angel was there for a couple days.

    Even with all the fear i had in this trip i would still LOVE to do it again.

    Share your cool trips with the city!

  2. uhhhhh vampires dont have reflections haha

    but to me that trip sounds like sumthin they'd tell me at school about how hard hallucinogens can make u trip, but hey if it happened then cool.
  3. damn you took a lot of halucanogens. i dont think i could build up the guts to do that much, even with hella expirence
  4. I snorted 15mg of 5-MeO-DMT one time, and whoa..... I did 10mg before, so I thought I could handle it, but I couldn't.

    After about 10 minutes it started kicking in, and my nose was still burning, then the drip started. I layed down to chill, but it came on way to fast. I remember waking up some time later (I had no idea of time) without the two shirts I had on in the beginning. I sat up and all I could do was drool. I thought I was dying right there in my room. Then I remember leaning off my bed and spewing. Then I just stared at the cool designs that I saw in my puddle of vomit. I layed back down, hoping I could get myself out of that whole mess without dying. I just kept looking at the clock and minutes would go by but they felt like decades. Worst experience of my entire life. It convinced me just to stay away from DMT because I had been doing it alot.

    Another one was 30mg of 2c-i. It lasted for a good 8+ hours. We went to the mall (bad idea) and motocross at the Palace of Auburn Hills (not as much of a bad idea). The trip was so strong, and everything I looked at was just overwhelming me with patterns. I was very paranoid about people knowing that I was tripping the entire time. Most hardcore trip I ever had on 2c-i.

    Oh, and one day I smoked 5mg of 5-MeO-DMT at lunch. Believe it or not, I thought 5mg was more potent than 10mg. I put on Radiohead's Kid A for the trip. If any of you know the CD, Treefingers was playing at the peak of my trip. After hitting it and coming up, I had no body. I was just a mind floating in space. Then I started visualising the music, and then I became the song that was playing. It's hard to put into words, but the song wasn't playing from a CD player because I was the song. Then the song actually switched and I felt like I was no longer the music, but I was just floating in space above my car, listening to the music that was playing. The trip only lasted for about 7 minutes, but it was the most intense 7 minutes of my life.

  5. lol i think why i triped so bad was because it was my first time doing peyote AND acid

    and i swear it serously happened, but it wasnt as bad as it sounded i enjoyed it ALOT
  6. someday I want to eat enough shrooms to see crazy shit like that. I'll stick to like 2g trips for now though - its fun to still be able to kind-of communicate with other tripping people, even as the floor waves around a bit and you feel awesome.
  7. just so everyone knows i am NOT suggesting anyone do this much of any of the three. i was just saying how much i did. (i get paronoid when im high) :)

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