Share your funny sex bloopers

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  1. Share your funny sex bloopers.

    For me, my man nearly shot his cum in my eye by accident and then I go

    "don't shoot my eye out!"

    Also whenever we fuck and I'm underneath my man he thrusts me so much that my head hangs off the mattress , or when we're on the couch i get buried between the cushions!:p
  2. I was giving my ex head and she came and tossed me off the bed onto the floor.

    And it hurt like hell.
  3. gal was givin me dome and when i came she kinda choked and it came out her nose.:eek:

  4. :eek::eek::eek:

    I've fallen asleep during head is all I can think of
  5. This is called the Angry Dragon. Look it up. :hello:

  6. That is fucking halarious :hello:
  7. wow
  8. i always get elbowed in the face during the nasty.
  9. gf didnt wipe her crack good enough when i wanted to hit it doggie

    not really funny, but disgustin as hell....thats almost break up worthy
  10. ew. you need to tell her to start wiping herself with baby wipes. it feels good and nice and clean! that.. kinda makes me want to.. throw up. no offense. but like cleveland says.. "THAT'S NASTY!"

  11. no offense? how do u think I felt about to stick my jimmy in it!?!? i was offended when i saw it, AND smelled it when i opened her cheeks! (that was the first time we were gonna try anal, needless to say i never mentioned anal again to her)
  12. I've fallen asleep during head twice. But not really only because it was bad, just because I was really shit-faced.

    Came in my old GF's ear once, didn't make it around to her face and well...she was trying to get that shit out for like 30 minutes.
  13. ewwwwwwwww
  14. WHAT!! so she knew you guys were gonna be doing anal beforehand? awww mang! i woulda made sure i cleaned my ass extra clean if i knew something was gonna go in it.

    ... have any of you guys ever had shit on your dick after doing anal? HAHAHA

    i mean.. i've never done it because what if that happened.. but it would be nasty and funny at the same time. of course after the incident happened, not during!

  15. thats exactly what i was thinkin at the time.....

  16. You have my condolences, seriously.
  17. appreciate it.

    that isnt you in your avatar is it?

  18. Yeah it is
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    i never knew somethin so cute existed in a whales vagina :confused:

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