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Discussion in 'General' started by nodestiny, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. i just popped 10 coughgels (15MG each) about 1 hour ago and havnt felt anything, but im still curious to what other people's stories are. SHARE PLEASE! :D
  2. WOW you dont even know the great trip this is. Its almost scary its sooo damn cool. I took 150Mg of DXM and im only 80KG. Im seeing some weird stuff. Like colors, shapes, etc ive never seen before. My walls and ceiling are like melting and being all wavy.

    If i look in the mirror, i could SWEAR that im doing something, but im holding still. Like, i see my lips move, but i didnt move them. Then when i do, its like i took my pic and put it on my computer and STRETCHED it out.

    This is damn cool.
  3. you not takin enough, you need to get up to about 20-25 pills good trip, iwould say 300mg most people that do dxm are doin like 600-800mg, i know 20-25 pills sounds like a lot but u have to rememeber there are only 15mg of only dxm in each, not alot at all, so u have to take alot.
    i see people sayin they have takin half abottle of robo or took 10 pills and its awaste, well thats cause your not takin enough. and atleast for me it takes 2hours till it really hits me, i mean i can kinda feel it coming on and hour into it but its 2-3 hours in that it really hits u. take more! but be safe and only take it if dxm is the only active ingredient
  4. i'm thinking about trying DXM again... this first time i did it i drank a bottle of robotussin, and i drank alcohol with it!!!! I didn't know anything about DXM then except taht the only active ingredient should be DXM... and i found out that you aren't supposed to mix alcohol while using DXM.. well i found this out the hard way! it was all cool at first... seeing trails, and in the dark i saw colors and shapes. But then after about an hour or two later a started throwing up, this was going on all night. And i think i almost died that night... well i've learned my lesson and havn't touched DXM since. But i'm thinking about trying it again. I"m definetly not going to drink robotussin, i'm gonna go with the coughgels. i have some questions abuot the cough gels. what are the dosages with your weight and stuff? becasue i don't want to take too many since it's only going to be my second time trying it. I know i'l eat at least 20 of em. 20 pills seems like alot to me, even though they are only 15 mg's each.. so basically it doesn't matter how many pills you take, it matters waht mg each pill is, right? So for example i could take like one 300mg pill of DXM, and eat 20 15mg pills of the coughgels, and it wold still be the same thing, right? Like taking the 20 15mg pills over the one 300mg pill isn't worse for your health right? I don't know, 20 pills just seems like ALOT to me... someone please explain this to me... oh yeah like i said before i also need to dosages with your weight and stuff. if ANYONE could help me out on this, that would be great. I jsut want to be able to enjoy my DXM trip, and not have a terrible one like my first time. thanks
  5. I dont have enough time to post my story right now, but Ill post it up later tonight. If you're gonna be taking it for the 2nd time, Id recommend a dosage somewhere around 300-400mg. It depends on your weight though, so post how much you weigh.
  6. lol you guys are crazy.....I used to be like mega DXM person...I used to take 8 coricidin and down it with a bottle of robitussin....IMO drink a bottle of robitussin and you'll be good ta go~Oh and TRY not to think about throwing up...Thats what gets you sick...Either that or order DXM off line in the white powder and take a teaspoon full of it and you'll be tripping BALLS for hours....
  7. im 6ft 155lb, and ill take 20-35 pills, 20 for an ok trip and up to 35 if i wana trip my ass off but even at 35 im probably jst barely hitin the 3rd plat and thats fine with me. stay between 25-35 pills if this is your second trip, in dxm term 25-35 pills isnt alot at all, if u were takin like ambien or vic or sum thin then ya that would be alot, but were talkin 15mg pills here of straight dex. take the pills relax and enjoy
  8. haha i could write a book, but i'll limit it to 3 special events...

    first was in the summer, i took 16 coricidins (bad) n drank a 4 oz. of robitussin, about an hour after the trip kicked in i was down my friends house helping him n his dad load logs into a tractor thing, n everything was like warping around in a circle outside of my direct vision, probably cuz i was seeing all green and leaves n stuff... anyway after that was done i was talkin to my friend about seein if maybe i could get a job workin for his dad, n for some reason i thought that was such a great idea cuz i wouldnt be such a brokeass n it made me feel all happy for some reason.. after that my friend was like "yo lets go up your house i need to make a pipe" so we started walkin up the hill to my house n i jus couldnt do it, haha so i layed on the ground for a few minutes then gotup and kept goin, then we walked in my house down into my basement n i showed him all the shit he could use... at this point everything was vibrating n i totally felt like i was asleep dreaming. so i randomly said to my friend "well i'm dreaming, so i think i'm gonna go to sleep" n i went n layed on my pool table haha. i got up like 4 minutes later thinking i slept all night n i was like "dude y r u still at my house?" n he was like "wow u r fucked up" n at that point i was like "man, i'm so fucked up right now i wish i was jus sober". after that he jus got done makin his pipe n went down his house n i got online to look at some visuals until the trip
    started wearing off. this whole experience gave me a meaning in life, but i just cant realize what it was but it improved my life somehow without me even knowing...... weird as hell.

    ok, next story, it had been a good month or 2 since i last did dex but i didnt think my tolerance had went down any so i popped my usual 16 coricidins. it was like the first time i ever took dex except more intense.... i ended up laying on my couch with my eyes closed having a very interactive dream where i actually thought i was there in my dream. it was a really dumb dream though, n i had no major life realizations from it, it was jus me thinking that i was at dicks sporting goods talkin to my friend rob about hunting stuff (i dont even hunt, i think its stupid)... after i got off the couch it was jus a basic fucked up feeling n i had fun.

    the third n final experience was rather....... life threatening. i dropped 32 coricidins and ended up in intensive care at a hospital for 2 days, then another 6 in a psychiatric hospital, and now i am in a rehab class so i get drug tested alot so i cant do any more dex, i also have some kind of psychosis shit goin cuz i constantly hallucinate...

    so kiddies, have fun dexin, i'd recommend it to anyone as long as u do it the safe way... peace

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