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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by shemluck, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I was looking for a official dumping ground to shove all my pics but I couldn't find one, so here it goes.

    I'll start with a few of mine that I did for a project on wolves.

    Watercolour pencil


    White watercolour pencil on black paper. Covered in wire. The wolf is caged. I'm so deep.


    And this is a drawing I did of James Masters when he used to play Spike in Buffy TVS.

  2. Oh, wow! You're very talented!
  3. Oh, I just realized the second one had screen over it! That's hellacool!
  4. Im in love with the second wolf chewing his way through the wire.

    very inspirational!
  5. You're a talented artist, keep on doing what you do! ;)
  6. You got more to share?
  7. HAhahaha! Cute! Love the bong :smoke:
  8. Animals/people are hard to draw! I never could and I took lessons!
  9. Animals are way easier. I have a few more to share. They're all from the same wolf project though. I found some pictures or paintings I liked and tried to do this big watercolour thing.

    This is a picture of all of them. The one in the bottom right corner is A4 size if that gives you some perspective.

    I called it all "Who put the wolf at the door?"

  10. Wow, you are very talented with wolves. I love the second picture in your original post. What types of materials do you use?

  11. Thanks
    Mainly watercolour pencils :)

    If you've got any art you should post it!

  12. I mainly just doodle around in free time. Usually I'll get on a roll, but end up ruining it after the flow stops. I think i have some talent, as my friends usually like some of my trippier doodles. i may have to dig a few up to post, though they were used in one of my projects in an English class.
  13. dig the surrealness of the wolf in the lower mesh, the colours really give it an awesome inuit/first nations vibe
  14. I used to draw and paint a bit. Took a few lessons here and there. My mom got rid of most of my art work :( She said it was weird....and it was! LOL! But I think all artists/musicians have a certain percentage of weird in us....what cha think?

  15. Theres always something weird in us lol:smoke:. That sucks your mother threw away your work... kind of an odd thing for a mother to do :/
  16. Yeah, but my artwork screamed drugs and dellusion! LOL! I was pretty messed up back then, and I tended to put my feelings down on canvas....but I was always high when I painted so some weird stuff came out! Hahahha! But that did kinda suck that she got rid of them :(

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