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Share u first bad time with pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rektelite, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Was it your first time did u over come it and get over it. Did it affect u after.

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    Never had a bad experience with THC.

    But back before I started smoking, I /thought/ I was having a really bad experience. Suddenly starting sweating and felt like my world was caving in.

    Turned out though that the "friend" I asked to get me some coffee (back when I drank coffee, I hate it now), she went to Starbucks and got me something with 5 extra shots of espresso. She didn't tell me until the day after, so I went the entire day going "I'll never smoke again".

    It was just a horrible caffeine rush/crash.


  3. I've never had a terrible experience but two kinda bad ones.

    One time it wasn't bad but it was back when I first started smoking & I met this girl online & when I went to her house she wanted to smoke so I didn't wanna seem lame so I chiefed a big fat blunt with her & my tolerance was so low. I literally was so high I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing at everything. She was trying to flirt & I just could not stop laughing. I'm pretty sure she thought I was weird.

    The next time I was smoking with a friend & the bud was really good but it was so harsh I couldn't stop coughing. I had to get him to pull over because I thought I was gonna throw up but I just ended up spitting a lot & my throat was so sore because I was coughing so long

  4. Lol I haven't had a bad one either.
  5. I haven't had a bad experience directly from weed but I did smoke two blunts with a few friends the one time and we all shared a bowl in a bong. Now this had me feeling ripped I was just chilling back listening to music on my friends couch when he passed me the bong I thought we were smoking more. But it was just a tobacco bowl and I made the mistake of ripping it and I had such a bad headache from the tobacco and weed mixed together that I just ended up passing out. I woke up really dehydrated the next day and felt terrible the entire next day.
  6. When I was 17 ate too many brownies, thinking I was a badass, until my dad found me puking in the backyard. He was patting me on the back laughing his ass off. I felt like such a noob, everything was spinning. I ain't been that high ever since....on weed anyways....

  7. on my senior class trip to marine world, all i ate was part of a kiva bar and for some reason, i blacked out for most of the day. but i remember puking over a balcony in front of the majority of my class, having insane tunnel vision, and all color was distorted to blurry dots and shades of purple. to this day i dont know why i was so affected, especially since i had dabbed only the night before and was fine.

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  8. Its thc how do you have a bad time
  9. Been smoking since 1965 and the only bad times I"ve had was when I had crappy worthless weed that did little more than give me a sore throat. Don"t get weed confused with hard drugs. It"s not.
  10. What's up man!

    I've only had one "bad" experience, it wasn't necessarily bad to me at this stage but then it sure seemed that way. lmao.
    I basically just went way over board with my tokage and well, i just wasn't ready for the shit that ensued. Obviously I got over it and moved on, have had nothing but awesome experiences since.
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  11. never had one lol [​IMG]
  12. Edibles! Those will fucking own you if you fuck around and eat to much. You don't green out like smoking ganja, you just keep on getting fucked up. I was so baked I was ill. Just horribly fucking sick.
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  13. Only once. Friend had some very good weed, top notch stuff. You could smell it profusely.
    Anyways, i score a gram and he warns me not to smoke too much. Being the weekend I said effects no this is for another buddy and I.
    Smoked it with friend, was generally having an intense high, ate watermelons and puked it all up like 10 minutes later. We were laughing our asses off afterwards.
    It was about 10 minutes of feeling overwhelmed and nauseated.
    never got it again.
    weed out here sucks.
  14. The only remotely bad experience I've had with cannabis is when I underestimated the potency of Californian medically infused fruit roll ups. Friend told me to eat two at the most in one go, ate the whole bag.

    Was couch locked for a solid four hours.

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  15. I've never had a bad time getting stoned, but the worst weed-related thing that happened to me was getting arrested.

    that sucked. i managed to avoid probo and jail time though
  16. Well I would share an experience but I've never had a bad experience smoking weed.
  17. I took a dab of some green crack and chilling for about 5 minutes I can hear my heart racing and it scared and I got this feeling like I was dying and I thought everyone around me wanted to poison me I kept on telling my friends I was dying and would get tunnel vision.

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  18. The only thing that I ever really had that was close to a bad experience with weed (well, that I can talk about on here anyway:laughing:) was probably the first handful of times I'd wind up way, wayy too high at work at my first job. It always seemed like the best idea in the world beforehand, then my dumb ass would light up and be straight fucking trippin' at work thinking that my inevitable firing was imminent, that everyone could tell and was mad at me, the whole shebang. I was almost always wrong about those assumptions, of course, turns out in most of the cases, I was much better at maintaining than I thought I was.

  19. This happened not long after I started smoking when I was around 12 or 13. I was hanging out with some friends at one of their houses and we were out in the backyard smoking out of his metal pipe, we smoked at least 3 bowls, but I can't remember exactly how many. Then my 2 friends went to go pick up some bud from our dealer and I decided to just chill at the house and keep smoking. So I rolled up a king size raw and smoked it all by myself and followed it with another bowl or two. I couldn't walk or stand even, I was sweating, heart beating really fast, etc. I just had to sit down and let it pass pretty much, but it sucked.
  20. never had a bad time/trip before but my dad really loves to vent his problems to me when i start smoking

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