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Share The Experience.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir Stoner, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Share your experience youve had in school, high or not, any stories about sneaking a toke at lunch is acceptable, just stories about trouble/fun times youve had, ill start.

    I remember back in sophmore year i had a friend who i know smoked, and so he invited me to his house at his lunch to smoke a bowl, i go over expecting like 3 bowls max, i almost shit myself when he pulled out a orange juice glass filled with weed and we hotboxed his car, his house, and his shed. It was one of those hour long lunches. We went back blitzed as shit.
  2. there should be 96 more years of public school
    paid for by my tax paid for by our contributions
    Cheech and Chong is modern Shakespeare.

    I've finally have seen the light

    I'm always like this tiny pinch isn't going to do anything

    These flowers punch like a wasp.

    and they've even been vaporized tobacco brown

    You refuse to do less
    you are a gift of more.

  3. I remember the first piece I broke was a glass bowl I had taken to school. :T
    It was lunch I believe... I took it in and placed it on the stall's paper dispenser. It fell. Oh fucking well hahaha...

    Another time was when me and a group of friends would throw bags of milk and other not messy food at a huge group of people after lunch.
    The hallways were crowded and all of a sudden, my friend Joe throws a bag of chocolate milk that nails a girl in the face. She was on the phone too. Hahah

    I once squeezed a carrot and it flew into a Jocks eye and he just started spazzing out and having a seizure and shit

    Another one was when this kid with a boil on his cheek was having a seizure and I wiggled my finger on the side of my face as mockery. Shit was funny, kid was a douche.
  4. You sound like a horrible person
  5. Lol!
    You didn't throw carrots in peoples eyes and bag them with milk?

    WOOOOOW u really missed out ! XD lol
  6. Horrible and things such are simply subjective.
    But I do admit I wasn't always as positive as I am now. I literally searched for an apologized to everyone I felt I did wrong. :smoke:

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