Share International, the "Anti-Christ" and Project Bluebeam

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  1. Please bear with me, this is not about religion. I also promise you that this will be very interesting if you take the time to read through it. Note that I will provide evidence to substantiate my claims and if anything seems too crazy to believe, I urge you to look it up for yourself.

    Part 1: Project Bluebeam

    In 1994 a Canadian journalist named Serge Monast produced a document entitled Project Bluebeam describing a plan to take over the world through a False Second Coming. He died of a heart attack after he published the article. Ok I know that sounds crazy, but please stay with me for a second.

    Here is the first paragraph of Project Bluebeam. This will serve as sort of an introduction to Project Bluebeam. If you read on, I promise it will get interesting. If you are already familiar with the basics of Project Bluebeam, feel free to skip to Part 2.

    Project Blue Beam By Serge Monast (1994)

    The next part of Project Bluebeam says this:

    [source = same as above]

    Hmm there have been a lot of large scale earthquakes recently.. not necessarily connected, but interesting. Perhaps it is just coincidence. Please bear with me and read on.

    Part 2: Share International, Benjamin Creme, Alice Bailey, HP Blavatsky, the Maitreya and Lucifer

    Now I must explain about Share International some, so you all can start seeing the connections. Share International is an organization closely associated with the United Nations [is also an NGO] headed by a guy named Benjamin Creme, who is the supposed mouthpiece for the "World Teacher Maitreya." The Maitreya is, according to Buddhist texts, the next Buddha. However, according to the Share International website, this "Maitreya" will fulfill all of the expectations of the world religions, and is to be the Second Coming of Christ, the Imam Mahdi, the Messiah, and so on.

    Share International on the Reappearence of Maitreya the World Teacher

    On the Benjamin Creme section of the site, it says the following:
    Who is Benjamin Creme

    This connects him directly to HP Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Alice Bailey is the founder of Lucifer Publishing Company, now known as Lucis Trust, which played a major role in the funding of the United Nations and is today still an NGO of the UN.

    On Lucis Trust's own website they say:
    Lucis - The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer

    So this links Creme, Bailey, Blavatsky, the Maitreya, the United Nations and Lucifer all together. Interestingly, HP Blavatsky wrote two amazing books, specifically Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine, both of which written around the 1870s and dealing with modern science [of her time] and occult esoteric philosophy. Her thesis is basically that all of the "discoveries" of modern science of her time were all already known in occult philosophy.

    In fact, in her books she predicts the modern science of OUR time, for example in Isis Unveiled [published in 1877!!] she writes:
    Isis Unveiled pg. 7
    Chapter I

    In that one sentence she declared that not only matter and energy are mathematically related, but also that Pythagoras learned this thousands of years ago from the Egyptian Mysteries! When E=MC^2 was discovered decades later by Albert Einstein it changed the face of modern physics/science. This is only one example of MANY! She also disputes some of the scientific beliefs of her time, and is proven right long after her writing as new discoveries were made.

    I will write more on Blavatsky in a future installation, if people actually read this thread and want to know more. But for now she will be a loose end because it will take a lot of writing to explain her deeper connections and will distract from the true purpose of this writing. Just know that Blavatsky brings credibility to occult philosophy.. that maybe, just MAYBE it's not all just crazy talk.

    Part 3: Project Bluebeam and Share International.

    Now first of all it is easy to see a possible connection between the alleged Project Bluebeam agenda and the actual Share International agenda. But just how connected are they? Could it be just a coincidence?

    Here is the next section of Project Bluebeam:
    Ok, sounds like some crazy talk. Now let us look at what Share International has to say:
    Introduction (7)

    Sounds similar.. but just how similar? Let us read more in the Project Bluebeam document:
    Now, is this stuff eerie or what?! Now we have Project Bluebeam and the Maitreya directly connected. Oh and what kind of ideas are flooding the media today right now? 2012, end of the world, apocalypse, etc.. The media guides the minds of the masses..

    If you recall the introduction on Project Bluebeam, you will remember that there are four steps, and so far I have talked about three. So what is the fourth step? It is the implementation of a new age religion, world government, and world economic system.

    But let us see what Project Bluebeam has to say:
    Hmm, sounds like what is happening now. The G20 met a few months ago and unveiled their economic plan to create a world currency created and held by the World Bank, on which all other currencies will be based..

    On December 12th 2008, Share International made the following prediction:
    The Star sign

    On December 9th 2009, the Norway Spiral appears. Share International claims this is their predicted star sign that heralds the coming of the Maitreya.

    Video of the Norway Spiral:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Spiral UFO Norway December 2009-extended[/ame]

    Interestingly, as of 1/14/10 Share International posted this on their front page:
    Share International on the Reappearence of Maitreya the World Teacher

    I hope this all makes sense and if need be I will clarify. You can find the document for Project Bluebeam here:
    Project Blue Beam By Serge Monast (1994)

    On a final note, I will leave you with this:

    The Maitreya Project
    Maitreya Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    and this:
    Maitreya messages

    Intriguing is it not? I'm not saying that this is going to for sure happen, I sure hope not. I had stumbled upon Project Bluebeam years ago, and thought it was just ludicrous, but it is weird how the facts are adding up to the point that it could plausibly happen. However, now that you know, if it does happen, you won't be fooled [hopefully]!
  2. I'm not in the reading mood right now, but I will defiantly get back to this thread. Looks interesting
  3. that is ridiculous
  4. looks like its getting closer.

    they seem to be testing the holograms again

    [ame=]YouTube - Real Stuff: Virgin Mary Shows up in Sun[SKIP to 1:40!] (ivory coast)Africa!Bluebeam?![/ame]

    creepy shit
  5. Wow that is a lot of info! Definitely will bookmark this. I'm glad you posted this because I run into this topic quite a bit lately. I know the gist but not the details
  6. yea i just started reading about the blue beam project recently and many things seem true and with the world looking like its going into a shithole this may be the only thing that can fix it although it will change the world drastically and would be CREEPY AS FUCK hearing something that you cannot do anything about talking to you from inside your head and supposedly make the blind see and the deaf hear to make more people think that its actually god. They have the technology for it but I guess there keeping it for the last resort. And the people who dont go along with it will be driven to insanity and would most likely commit suicide I read somewhere.

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