shape of containers effet plant shape?

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  1. I'm curious to know how the shape of a container dictates the growth of a plant.

    Examples of extreme cases?
  2. A very shallow container might limit a plants hight by compromising its structure??

    I use some round and some square pots and I've never noticed a difference in the plants growth patterns - above the soil obviously

    I heard somewhere that round pots aren't as good as square but i never heard the reasoning behind it.
  3. this is close to what i was thinking. i have a normal shaped pot, you know typical flower pot I've used a lot and it definitely seems like the cola gets about a foot taller than the rest of the growth (i'm aware that the cola is a cola). this seems to kind of mirror the shape in a way.

    but, i wonder if i used a shallow and wide container if it would produce favorable results?
  4. The shape of the cola will be primarily be down to the lighting and the genetics of the plant I think.

    by "typical flower pot" do you mean cylindrical and tapered to the bottom?

    How big are your pots?

    I like to have at least one gallon of pot space per month of growth - so a plant you expect to grow for 4 months will require something like a 25l pot.

    Give roots plenty of space for them to spread out and your plants will thank you for it.

    Most growers prefer pots that are deeper than they are wide.
  5. yes, tapered at the bottom.

    these particular pots are about 3.5gal
  6. I have height issues in my grow room... Do you guys think that if i go with a shorter pot but much wider, will that cause problems with growth? Does mj roots prefer to go down and deep or are they ok to grow out and wide?
  7. In theory roots will be fine providing there's enough space for them - you might wanna mulch your soil with perlite - helps with aeration and even light reflection to some degree.

    Have you ever considered LED lights for your vegatative period?

    LEDs - IMO - help to keep the plants really short and the nodal spacing really tight - even when they're used alone or as supplemental lighting - I like to use bi colour LED UFOs to supplement a MH right from day one after germination. -

    Get some shorter and wider pots, use LEDs during the vege period and team this with lots of topping/fimming and a naturally short + bushy plant - Like Northern Lights for example -

    This should produce very short and stocky plants - which can be incredibly productive and tend to mature much faster than a large plant - providing you get enough light to them (something like 3 ounces) despite only being a foot tall -

    Bud from the bottom right to the top!

    Ever seen how they grow roses into a bowl shape?

    My camera is coming - I'l show you an example of what i mean soon lol -
  8. I've been looking at leds alot lately, seems like they're becoming quite hip. Thinking maybe I could get one for this purpose. I'd like to get something to cover more area. my little 250w hps is kind of shrinking the longer I grow. I want to start growing herbs and stuff indoors, too with a light. I've got a green room that's semi outdoor. it isn't heated and has wooden planks as a floor, kind of suspended in air with nothing underneath. I'd like to have an awesome indoor start to my measly 4 1/2 month green room season. it makes sense to invest in more, considering the short warm periods in the great white north.

    Yes, I'm trying to train an Acapulco Gold right now in a small pot. I'm giving it another couple of months before taking a couple of clones from it. it's my mother bonsai experiment. this would be especially nice to keep as short as possible.

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