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    I just wanted to share this because I have done alot of research on some of the best breeders from diffrent seed company's and I have found in my oppinion that Shantibaba cares more about the quality of his strains instead of just wanting to throw some crap out there and call it whatever. He does'nt make femminized seed which I find to be very logical if you want good gentics. Also the original creator of White Widow which he has the original gentics of that is marketed as his BlackWidow (The real White Widow.) I thought some new blades might find this info usefull and invite any blades to share any info on this thread about Shantibaba or the quality of his seeds. [​IMG] Created by lemarcel from MNS fourm

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  2. I will have to agree that Mr. Nice is freaking awesome! I have a Black Widow, and Medicine Man grow 4 weeks into veg, and they are some of the easiest plants I have ever grown. Out of 30 total seeds, all 30 popped, and all of them are healthy as can be. I have never had another strain that was this vibrant.
  3. BW, MM, both dynamite. Watch the huge stretch on the MM Sativa phenos, at least 3X, indoors. Growing SSH currently and one of my favorite strains.
    Must say, if you set out with Mr Nice genetics (how long can they keep the mothers/fathers, at high quality?), go to the site and search HERMIES, then if you can accept what you read, from Mr Nice devotees, about declining quality, grow for that one keeper!

  4. I checked out the forum, and read a few threads. That does suck that some people claim to get all males, or hermies from an 18 pack. I guess I will find out soon when I flip the lights. Hopefully I will get at least one good true female to keep.
  5. :wave: Smoking some Super Silver Haze right now :D

    Its the most popular strain around here but Im waiting to try some medicine man, I've tried a few White Rhino strains but never the real thing.
  6. No doubt you will. Both Medman and Supersilverhaze show sex very early in veg, by week 3, i've documented that facet on several Mr Nice grows. SSH is the only strain that has shown me both male and female preflowers on same plant during veg light cycle. So, can at least cull some hermies early! Check out my current SSH grow in the indoor grow journal, nice genetics, minus the HERMIES.:eek:
  7. I know we all hate hermies and I have read all 17 pages on the hermies thread over at MNS Fourm, but in all fairness hermies can occur in any strain depending on alot of factors. The one's I seen over their in their fourm mostly was Ortega and NHS and mainly one member who went off the most about the Ortega.

    Now on another note I found an answer form Shantibaba himself about the female Brazilian he used to make the White Widow aka his Black Widow. I got this over on MNS Fourm.

    Shantibaba's post to anwser this question :

    Hi All

    well unfortunately the story of the seed from Brazil that became the father of this union is nothing to really get excited about.

    In 1987/88 I spent a year travelling through Peru, Ecuador, Columbia with my girlfriend. While in the Columbia section of the travel I got to Tyrone a mountain area near Santa Marta up north close to the Venezuela frontier...
    We spent some time and a strong series of experiences with ethno botanics , namely San Pedro. A middle aged Brasilan who was living in the area became a good friend and we had alot of things in common. He was from the Amazon area in Brasil and had an IBL handed down for 3 generations of his family and in breed for quite alot of seasons in the same area by his people. It was foresure an IBL grown by the same people for years ...once I was able to grow it. This was the similarity of the Keralan IBL imo...
    Both were not pure strains as they had been mixed over the years with the influences of selection depending upon the person who care taked them, but they had so many generations being grown by the same people in the same area they had taken on a new course and had become unique due to this fact.
    So to the reason people see sativa phenotype in a packet of 15 seeds is very fact the girl I selected from the union of these two plants lines took well over 200 seeds trial and error. Not like the Super Silver Haze which took close to 1000 seeds trial and error and alot of years work for Nev.
    But the most important thing that got the Widow down to 10 week flowering was to find one that expressed the indica phenotype in expression...taking a cut from the seed mother and flowering that which reduced the flowering time to 9-11 weeks. Also the plant does its thing the last 3 weeks so if you pull her early you will never see the real work it can do...
    Many people over the years found a Widow that blasted them, but it was not every single seed that does this. It is also difficult to get all the elements correct straight up in a widow grow as the feeding varies depending upon the selected plant. So not making excuses to anyone as this strain has effected alot of growers positively but it is not as easy as Shit or Shark to get a very outstanding plant off the bat.

    Really my Brazilan friend did not give it a name other than The One...his name to refer to it. So that is hopefully information to curb your inquisitiveness...but you must remember that the widow came from these two IBL and was made by over 2 years of inbreeding these two lines to find a male that inflenced all who it combined here endeth the lesson according to me. By the way did any of the other people who claim to be widow breeders ever give a detailed account of the plants that lead to their so called version....because all I ever read is the description i wrote in 1995...regurgatated by people who never left their grow rooms and never sourced anything in their lives...but would be happy to be proven wrong!

    All the best sb
  8. I've heard of hermies from two of the better breeders now :eek::( Maybe people will stop hating on femms so much now if we are seeing hermies in the regs :smoke:
  9. That was one thread entitled hermie, i think, i'm talking about the many,many hermie reports on SSH, Medman, Black Widow, and many more. The Ortega thread wouldn't sway me about Mr Nice HERMIES, but all the other threads and my own experience and my own documented postings, though i do minimize on shantis forum. Many otherws don't minimize and are pissed off. been growing Mr Nice for years and have always been super positive, something has gone down hill there recently. My belief is that mommas and pappas get old and no longer perform. Need new blood in those genes!!!
  10. no.

    you all need to learn the difference between a incompetent grower and a competent one.

    incompetent ..gets lots of hermies no matter what strain ..

    ALSO many folks confuse late flower stamens with a hemie trait . when all strain will herm. Many strains out there will toss stamen in the last 1-2 weeks of flower every time. trainwreck for example .
  11. :p That might explain why I have never had a hermie with femmed strains or regs :D:smoke:
  12. I'm starting to question some of these middle man seedbanks, would'nt be vary hard to use someone's packaging and put a generic form of a certin strain and pass it off. I have no proof of this but I find it's very strange like you said that Mr. Nice has been having more reports of this recently about the hermie's. From what I've heard from people who personal know Shanti I don't think he would stand for this happening alot in his seeds and would be doing alot of backcrossing his strains to stabilize them. ou could be right though and new blood might be needed. Thankyou for your info. :)
  13. Mr Nice seeds come in a tamper proof sealed pack. It would take some extreme creativity and patience to mess with those packs. Now if ordering pick and mix or less secure breeder packs then yes you are at the mercy of the seed bank.

    These reports of hermies in the SSH line do concern me a little. I have three girls from seed at about 9 weeks of flowering and I haven't seen any bananas yet but admittedly I haven't looked very hard either. All three have been outstanding plants and have given me 3 different phenos to play with, including one with a strong lemon scent that has me really excited even though it is going to take at least 12 weeks to finish.

    For those that have experienced hermies in SSH or other MNS lines I am curious about one thing and please don't take this the wrong way. I have read that some bloom boosters used in late flowering boost production by intentionally stressing the plant and can trigger the hermie trait in some sensitive strains (like those with tropical sativas in the genetics). My question is - did you by chance use any bloom boosters or add anything to the feeding regimen around the same time that you saw the male flowers? I'm not questioning anyone's skill as a grower - I've just noticed that a lot of the reports I have seen on MNS forums seem to be occurring in mid/late flowering when bloom boosters are commonly introduced.
  14. Just to keep it straight about my HERMIE input, these were early, early ,early male flowers, even showing both sexes in veg. So, hit on my growing skills if you like, i rarely get a hermie not even on fem seeds, been growing since 1999 indoors and 1972 outdoors, so have a litle knowledge and skill to grow, despite your unkind blanket condemnation oif anyone complaining about genes giving out hermies.
    If you can't get that the male/female preflowers are showing in veg cycle, then ok my skills suck. You that hit, must have teriffic skills!!!!:hello:
  15. Like I said, don't take it the wrong way and I wasn't questioning anyone's skills. I get that you had hermies in veg and there is something wrong with the genetics. But from what you posted at the MNS forums you also had some hermies show up in flowering. I just wanted to know if you used any bloom boosters so that I know that might be something to avoid. I have a lot of time invested in this grow and don't want a seeded crop. I wasn't saying you did anything wrong or claiming to be an expert. I'm just trying to learn from others' experiences.
  16. That's an exellent question, and luvtogrow I don't think nobody's questioning your skills here, much props to you:) I spent all night reading a recent bw grow journal on MNS by a member named Raylovesmycorrhizae heres the link First Black Widow Run - MNS Forums he poped five mns bw and thought he ended up with 4 girls and one boy, he kept the boy and put him outside. He then discoverd the boy outside was really a girl he did'nt identify properly. 5 beans all girls no hermies! This guy is top notch and I recommend everyone to take a look at his grow, very professional and clean. Not to mention the amout of mouth watering bud porn detailed nicely all thru the grow.:hello:
  17. I belive I might have found a posible answer into the hermi problem. I started a thread over at MNS called "Could U.S. Mail X-Rays be increasing hermies in seed ? " The link is my signature. I got a quick respose from Shantibaba himself on it reinforcing my suspision. Check it out , I think we might be on a good track into this problem with the hermi rise in regular seed .
  18. A. @ L2G.. I was not talking about you .....relax man. ( but I can see how it was taken that way ..sorry :eek: )

    B. @ everyone ...... how many folks here own a car? and if you do ..has the manufacture ever recalled any models ? now .. take step back and think about the words double standard..... sure get POd about a breeder pumping out LOTS of herms, but when a breeder has a human error ( and even goes out of their way to fix it ..) you get all up in arms.

    shit!!!! go breed for 20 + years and see how many times you fuck up :mad:

  19. Wharfrat, I think you are spot on when you said most of these hermies may be due to people who don't actually know how to grow cannabis, and are suffering the consequences. I have had many strains that I think were awesome, but could have very well popped stamens had I not given them optimum growing conditions. I think too many people want the instant gratification of having marijuana, but neglect serious aspects of the grow that influence the bud quality. I have read 10 times as many kick ass MNS grow journals than bad one's, so some of the bad one's have to be from people making careless mistakes. I'm sure SB strains have had some duds in the mix, but that goes with everything.
  20. I'm starting to understand your side of the perspective, you oldschool growers with more time and seasons under your belt have more respect for the love and time and passion that goes into a top notch grow. And now with alot of people who think you just go to the store grab a few CFL's or buy that 200W HPS/MH and stuff 10 plants under them beliving there's no way it's my fault it's got to be them beans. I can see how that would annoy you, it would me at your level :) I just try to keep an open mind and not judge people, but rather help them if I can without seeming like a prick.

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