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    Alright guys well I've been reading immense amounts and trying to learn as much as possible on GC for the last couple years. Back in like 2012, I was just getting interested in the marijuana movement throughout the U.S. and possibly growing. Well a little over a year ago I happened to see some youtube videos with jorge cervantes talking about growing organically. I started looking through the organic section here on GC and became real interested real quick. (As well as learned to stay away from the hightimes jorge cervantes thing and stick to the good ol' facts here at Grasscity)

    Ive been planning on starting a grow for a while now and got held up for various reasons but I've finally started and after a lot of thought Ive decided to start a journal as well. However, I honestly dont exactly know how to set a journal up but Im gonna give it a go. Because there's so much to gain from having a journal with the vast amount of knowledge flowing through these threads. I mean, Ive read through a handful of threads on other forum sites and none of them compare to Grasscity as far as how intelligent the people are and the willingness to share their knowledge.

    Ok so lets get on to the growing part even though I would love to just ramble for a while, Im sure nobody really cares haha. All help, advice, constructive criticism is very very welcome. I please encourage everyone and anyone (except anyone not growing organically, hah just kidding) to come on over and see how my ish is going.

    I bought some of my stuff for my soil from buildasoil and some other stuff locally which was hard to find in my little town in a conservative state on the east coast.
    My soil had been cycling for just about 5 weeks. It will be 5 weeks on the 8th which is in two days.
    For my soil (roughly 9 gallons total) :
    -1 part Promix bx mycorrhizae
    -1 part 50/50 Worm Power ewc/ Fernhill horse manure compost
    -1 part perlite

    -1 cup each -
    espoma blood-
    espoma bone
    alfalfa meal
    2 cups kelp
    All mixed into bowl and applied at 3 cups per cf

    -1 cup per cf oyster shell (grinded and blended to flour consistency)
    -4 cups per cf BaS glacial rock dust

    I am doing a SIP setup with these fabric pots I bought. The brand is called root pouch or something like that.

    For lighting
    4 23w 6500k bulbs (6400 lumens total at 1600 a piece)
    2 55w 2700k bulbs(7600 lumens total at 3800 a piece)
    105w 2700k (7150 lumens) for a total of 307watts and 21,150 lumens.

    Im also getting a 2ft 8bulb t-5ho (4 bulbs 6500k/ 4 bulbs 2700k) setup that's 194w(20,000 lumens) delivered and it should be here tonight. So that will put me at 501w and 41,150 lumens total lighting overall.

    Ive been doing a lot of reading on lighting related to the growth of our good ol mary jane plant and Im almost more confused than before i started reading although i think ive gained some knowledge? Im not positive and this could cause an up roar between people but possibly lumens dont really have anything to do with the growth or not much at least? And that it has to do with PARs and that whole end of the spectrum (pun intended) or something?

    I have 4 little (hopefully) girls going right now. 1 is going to be 8 weeks old on 11/9/14. The other 3 will be 5 weeks old on the 8th ( in a couple days)

    The older one is a female i think because im pretty sure i saw female preflowers. Bagseed from unknown strain. She is in a 3 gallon pot and was given to me by a buddy.
    Unfortunately, he has not been blessed by the GC gods and isnt educated about the whole growing thing and planted her in some slimy ass grimy dirty dirt mcgirt Scotts potting soil. He also had her outside and she was hanging on by a thread when she was given to me. She survived some real harsh rain storms and heavy winds. Needless to say, cannabis is a hell of a hardy plant and this ones a fighter guys.
    I transplanted her at 5 weeks old into a 3g fabric pot into my soil that I've had cycling. At the time my soil had been cycling for only 3 weeks but there was never any sign that my baby was unhappy or anything so I'm glad I made that decision.

    The younger 3 that i started as seeds were all some bagseed from an unknown strain. They were transplanted at 15 days old on 10/19/14 (same as older girl). They were tp'd into 1g fabric pots into a base mix of 1 part promix, 1 part Ewc/horse manure compost with some added oyster shell flour.

    I'm about to attempt to post some pictures.
  2. Here are my little babies. I took these pictures this past Monday the 3rd.

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  3. Hey whats up TJ! Glad to see you around man.
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    As you can see I have two separate areas going right now. Im probably going to move the smaller ones into the tent soon just waiting on my t-5 setup to get here so i can get the tent all set up how i want it.
    Im also going to get some better pics of my smaller ones separately because you cant see anything really besides bushiness in the picture of the 3 of 'em.
  5. I lst'd the older girl a few days before I took the pictures. I just tied the main stalk down from about the 4tg or 5th node down from the top.
    She's nice and bushy.
    Although I wasn't sure if the way she was growing was normal or not. For the first like 5 or 6 weeks she was just a little bush with really short side branches. Then about the 7th week she started getting longer side branches and started to take off height wise. She was prolly 9 inches tall when I lst'd her.

    I need to buy some safety pins so I can start lsting the rest of them and do some more to the older girl.

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  6. Okk wellll then lol...guess nobody cares to hangout or chat a little bit?

    I was so pumped to start a journal because of the potential learning experience mostly. I mean it will help to learn from my own mistakes but what I'm really looking forward to is having people stopping in and giving advice or asking questions about what I'm doing. And being able to share experiences or pointing out something that someone else would do differently.

    And to be honest all I wanna do is talk about what I'm doing with friends but I can't and my girlfriend isn't exactly interested in any of this so I'm like going crazy in my head with everything I've learned over the past year mostly and how I'm now applying it to my own grow.

    Soo all in allll, c'monnnn guys and gals. Some back and forth is definitely wanted here.

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  7. Alright so i took some more pictures today. I did some lsting last night to two of the younger ones. There is one where the main stalk is curving all over the place lol so i havent dont anything with that one because its just growing all over outta control now haha. The same goes for my bigger oldest one except so much worse. The internodal spacing is sooo small and the girl is so bushy that i dont even know what to do with her after the one lst i did to her. And that was just tying the main stalk all the way down to one side.
    So heres the pics..

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  9. Something pretty cool that happened yesterday. Well it didnt happen yesterday but i went to look at my soil that i having cycling and saw this..
  10. Looking good man.
  11. Plants look great, SB! Sorry lol I was quietly lurking a little bit :D it always amazes me how well plants grow under CFL. The lights seem so small but they certainly do the job! Keep up the good work man, I'm subbed. And hey, you're a pretty quiet feller yourself ;) gotta get out in other journals and threads and start makin' some noise! Lol :wave:

  12. Haha thanks mang its all good no need to apologize. I am really too quiet, lurkin around here. With all the different peoples journals and the different threads ive read through, i really should have a lot more posts racked up there lol.
    But it seems like a lot of you guys are really tight around these parts. Its craazy how many times ive seen guys talking about going to visit eachother and that sort of thing. Im getting a little more used to the whole 'interacting' part of this site so you should see me around more :smoking:
  13. Thanks man,  glad to see a couple people givin me some shout outs.
  14. There is definitely some camaraderie around here. I've only been a member about a year and I have already met several blades from around the country. It's a pretty awesome group of people. Like you said, I think that a lot (most) of us keep our hobby secret from many close friends and even family members and this is the only place we feel comfortable sharing our gardening adventures. That shared interest and lifestyle makes it easy to get along. Outside of GC I rarely get to talk about my gardening obsession. My gf doesn't have as much of an interest in it as I do at all. Nobody in my family is into this stuff lol. Like you said, you get stuck in your head. Well, you're not alone. We're a bunch of obsessed organic gardeners with no one to talk to lol :D


  15. (*siiiiigghhhhh of relief) Wow that is good to hear. And you know what word i liked the best and even more is that you used it more than once? Obsession. Loll :yay:  Its kind of a long story because like i said i have nobody to talk to about it, but even just not interested like i am period. But to make it real short..I started watching all the weed documentaries then started reading norml's articles and watching youtube videos.
    But then came the growing. It was all over after the reading started lol. I would like to think i am not overly obsessed.
  16. Well im going to go blaze a binger right quick and maybe get some food and then im going to post a few more shots of the not so little anymore babies.
  17. You've got some nice looking plants, subbed :)
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    Alright so I'm gonna post some more shots tonight. They are growing like craaazzyyy. I'm gonn have to flip em tonight to 12/12.

    My bad about not posting any last night. I forgot it was Sunday so I watched the walking dead and had to pass out after that because I work pretty early in the morning
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  19. Thanks g-g-g greenunit! Hah sorry had to do it.

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  20. Well for any of you late nighters who are still kickin it..heres the update.
    (Some of the leaf tips on the 3 of the same bagseed got burnt because theyre growing frickin' insanely fast. I just raised the lights a couple inches last night and they already grew into them by today when i got out of work at 2)

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