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  1. This is my first post here. I bought a few ceramic bubblers from GC as Christmas presents last year and when I heard they had a forum, I figured I should check it out.

    About me: I smoke on an almost daily basis, usually out of a glass bong. I have a philosophy that what you smoke out of should be treated like what you eat off of, I won't serve guests spaghetti on plates with remnants of the past week's lunches and dinners caked to the bottom, so why would I hand you a rezzed-up bong and tell you to hit it? Apparently this is a minority opinion, at least among the smokers I hang with.

    I don't grow, but if I ever move into a building with the right conditions, I want to start growing a personal crop.

    I use marijuana as a remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression, and I've been working with some like-minded libertarians and liberals in my home state of Virginia to make medicinal marijuana legal. (Uphill battle, anyone?) I'm very in tune to what's going on in US and world politics, and I study various fields of science and world religions.

    Umm... I'm gay, an atheist, ethnically Jewish, and typically loud and boisterous.

    What else do people want to know about newbies here?
  2. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    What would we like to know......:confused_2:

    Well, for one thing, have you clicked that first link in my sig and read my List, yet? :confused:

    Since you are a medical user, I can promise that you will be happy with what you find in my List. :D

    And it's all the "ammo" that an activist could need to mount a great legalization campaign! :yay: Just grab some stamps and start mailing the articles and studies to your politicians!

    If you like what I have posted here at GC, check the bottom of my sig and I'll email you an even larger version of the List! :eek:

    Granny :wave:
  3. If you are an atheist, you are a rational person in my book. :) We need less religious fanatics in the world.

    Also, I feel the exact same way with my glass. I don't smoke, I almost exclusively vape, but I never hit out of my glass unless it has been cleaned beforehand.

    Why are most American Jews that I come across secular Jews?
  4. Granny: Thanks! I just sent an email. Can't wait for the list!

    SatanisG: Yup.

    Aero18: Possibly because Jews are usually smart enough to see through their own bullshit. ;-)

  5. You might not be far off. In a recent poll about religious knowledge, atheists and agnostics were the most knowledgable about religion whereas the Jews (religious ones, I might add) were the second most knowledgable.

    Perhaps there is more emphasis on learning in the Jewish culture?
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    I was messing around with this jew girl, she said we could never date because her parents didn't approve of me being catholic...

    umm after my un-related story I wanna say welcome to the city.

    Edit* sorry, you're a liberal? gtfo.
  7. Welcome! Let the rest of us virginians know how we can help advance the med. mar. cause.
  8. :mad: Whats up with this?!?!? :poke:If you're being serious take your close-minded bullshit elsewhere..the guy is simply introducing himself!

    Welcome to the city Xaphod! Take advantage of all the info and helpful people, plenty of it.

    BTW what exactly does Shalom mean?

    :cool: Daily Smoker :cool: :smoke::smoke:
  9. Xaphod, you got mail! (May your glasses always stay clear!)

    The rest of you guys should get a copy of my List, too!

    It is one thing if Xaphod sends all of Virginia's politicians a bunch of studies, but totally another if studies come flooding in from a dozen different folks through out the state! Xaphod could just be one cannabis fanatic trying to push for legalization (and I hope you are, hon), but a group of you all doing the same thing will suggest much broader voter support for MMJ! You guys CAN change things!


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