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  1. hello. i was looking through threads, and found some really intresting ones but. i had an idea for a thread but, i am not sure if there is one like this or similiar. anyway's since there's so much hate/ignorance towards cannabis these days'. have you ever lost a friend, or are now being treated diffrently just because of the herb?.

    if there's already a topic like this sorry send the link. anyway's i'ed love to read stories about whoever had a friend/friends/others turn against them just for chosing to "explore the world with mary jane" lol.

    that's all bye for now

  2. my ex gf would like me less if she saw me now for sure haha
  3. the fuck?
  4. My friend since the 7th grade has started gettin all religious on me recently.It sucks too cause I have alot of friends,but hes one of about 4 or 5 im really close with.I know he wont quit being friends with me over it,but I can tell he hates it,hell hes told me.Hes like my only friend that doesnt smoke or used to smoke too,haha,maybe I should get him blazed a few times.:hello:
  5. just tell him facts about how it not really bad at all...tell him its a life choice and really no different than somebody who smokes cigarettes daily or drinks a lot
    and all that other stuff (if u need some info check out a documentary called The Union...its a must see if u smoke pot)

    any friends that i had that were like that are not my friends anymore...doesnt really bother me cuz if they were real friends they wouldnt give a fuck about what i put into MY body (unless thye are like addicted to coke or heroin etc lol)
  6. Yeah, I've lost quite a few friends from my use of cannabis and other drugs. But I've also made quite a few as well along the way.
  7. lol ive gotten into huge fights with my ex over smoking weed, then other times she wanted to smoke with me. crazy bi-polar bitch...
  8. I don't hang around people if they have a problem with something I do.
  9. I don't see the problem? If you're not doing it around your friend why does he care?
  10. ive been smoking for about 9 years more professionally for 5 but ive lost friends to weed on the oppostie side , some people get shitty and try and steal bud at circles and while breaking up just being scum bags so ive had to cut a few ties for some friends on pure judgement of shitty character when there high
  11. word. Honestly, I do my best to NOT have friends. I dont like it when people get close to me.
  12. The girl i'm really into right now is kind of opposed to weed. I'm good friends with her right now, and she doesn't really care that I smoke weed, but I don't think she'd go out with me if I did. She was just brought up with the mindset that people that smoke weed are deadbeats.

    Unfortunately, I like this girl more than I like weed so I haven't smoked for about a month, and I don't know when i'll start up again :(
  13. My only friend who would hate me if I smoke doesn't know yet.
  14. Nah, I'm not treated differently. Other than friends asking if I have any weed to sell, lol. Since I smoke more often than them.
  15. Not neccesarily "friends", but my actual friends always drag me to parties where people tell me I need to quit smoking weed and just start drinking because it is so much better for me.........ROFLMAO..............fucking retards!
  16. My currently friends like me even more now that I smoke, and I've made more friends, so it beneifited me well.
  17. i only smoke with a group of people mostly when i smoke with otehr people...this is because i wont have to wprry about them getting the peice wet or pulling some silly mistake...also i trust all the people i smoke with and know they arent idiots
  18. If people ever give me shit for smoking, they are not my friends. I have plenty of friends who do not smoke and I don't get all religious on their ass and convince them to start, and they don't get all religious on my ass and spit out ignorant propaganda either. Win/win
  19. Thankfully, none of my current friends are anti-pot. And I don't advertise my habit to anyone so I don't have that problem with people I meet either. It has happened to me in the past though, it was actually one of my current smoker friends that at one point treated me like I was a junkie. It was infuriating.
  20. mary jane is my best i never have any problems with the herb smoking

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