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    Long Version:
    So I've been smoking for almost 4 years now, and as you all probably understand, I appreciate, understand and enjoy the effects of marijuana. Now, only recently have my parents finally accepted my smoking the wonderful plant. My father never had a problem with it, but would always back up my mother in a very passive way.
    Now, a little background on my dad. He's probably the best man I have ever met.
    When my brother, and then I, were born he was a stay at home father so that my mother could work. He is really easygoing, amazingly intelligent, has tonnes of cool hobbies, and can tell you just about anything about music between the late 60's - early 80's. This era was the psychedelic era of music, and he and I often enjoy listening to music together. Sorry for ranting about how awesome my father is:smoke:

    Now, here comes the dilemma. He has never smoked pot. This may sound petty, but it is something I really want him to experience. Despite his already massive appreciation for some of the greatest bands of all time (Yes, ELP, etc.) I don't feel he has experienced any of his favourite music the same way I have; HIGH AS A KITE.

    So, basically the advice I'm looking for is: Should I ask my father to get high with me and listen to our favourite music together? Or do you think his 52 years of life have provided him with enough opportunity to do so already, if he had wanted to?

    Looking back on what I just wrote I'm sure you all probably don't want to read it.
  2. I'd just casually ask, "Hey dad, have you given any thought to maybe smoking reefer sometime? Sort of a late tribute to your generation?"

    He's either going to say yes or no. If he says no, I wouldn't let that discourage you because he'll be thinking about it, and I'd almost guarantee that sooner or later he'll come to you and ask to smoke. I'm thinking he'll say yes, or ask to think about it (which is also a yes).

    When it happens, I would make the music a sort of surprise. When you guys start smoking, without him knowing your plan play something he would know, something that's particularly good when you're high. It'll make him more comfortable, and it will be a subtle way of letting you know you've thought about making this experience special for him without the verbal agenda.

    Also, I'd be classic about it and roll a joint. It'll be most familiar, because odds are he's probably smoked a cigarette before, not to mention you can stub it if he starts to get too high, or roll another if he wants more.

    Cheers! Good luck!
  3. No harm in asking.
  4. get some pot brownies or rice crisies or something, then casually ask him if he wanted one, you know encourage him with logic and shit iono you know him best, but i think edibles is always best for first high, no mess ups and for sure highs. no coughing or reasons to hate it after wards really besides gettin too baked or soemthing odd like that.
  5. sounds like my dad! :smoke:

    i would most definately ask him~ worst he can say is no, right?? :D
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I don't think he has ever smoked a cigarette before, but I'd probably roll a joint anyways, seeing as it's one of my favourite methods of smoking.
    Instead of surprising him with music I plan on having him select all of his favourite pieces of music, and lining them up.
    The main problem with this entire concept is my mother's interference. I have no doubt in my mind that somewhere deep down my father is saying to himself 'heck yea I want to', but I cannot see my father doing something like that behind my mothers back. As of now, I am merely waiting on the proper oppurtunity for this to happen (aka my mother disappearing for a day haha).

    Thanks again everybody, you've really brought my hopes up even higher regarding the situation.

    And so this seems a tad less random, he has recently begun research for a book about music between the late 60's and early 80's, so it got me thinking that he should experience the music in a different way to hopefully make his writing more insightful.

    Thanks blades.
  7. Honestly, I'd keep moms on the DL. If he's worried about her reaction, assure him it could just be a one-time thing if he wants, or if he wants to smoke occasionally it could be like your little father-son secret.

    I always wanted to have a father-son secret with my dad... Haha, what a fucker, that guy.
  8. wow thats amazing he is writin a book, def might do something to broaden his views perhaps prolly not, good luck man.:wave:
  9. I don't know, my professors used to say my writing is "good, but very basic and not very fun to read." Once I started smoking regularly, my writing has expanded substancially. I use sentence structures, words, and punctuation I never used before, and I became more eloquent with my writing.

    Could be good incentive for him to try? To improve his writing?
  10. He has written two books previously. He is very very intelligent, so I'm not sure if it would make him necessarily a better writer, but I'm hoping it will show him new things about the topic of his writing he may have overlooked before.
    Because let's be honest, I'm not the only one who's ever thought: 'Dang, when they were making this song they must have been sooooooo high'.
    And yea, I'm feelin' the father-son bonding time idea, but I suppose that's every weed-lover's dream.

    And DaneAlex, your writing probably improved a lot because of the effect THC has on the creative mind, it was no fluke. :)

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