Shall I give it up?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DelBoy, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. What started as a trial is now over a foot and very skinny. Makes me laugh. I have been using a HPS bulb and it is growing rapid not out, but up. Is it worth keeping going?? or shall I give it up and save on the electricity bill. Let me know what you think.

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  2. im not an expert, but put that plant on its side so the light hits the side of the main stem, allowing for more branches to grow, also, lower the light.. Something ive learned is that these plants will stretch towards light.... this is probably why yours is soooooo skinny man! you I have fans blwoing in every direction around my plants, so my stems get real thik and juicy! try that too.. dont give up.. but you wanna stop that thing from growing upwards for wawhile and work in strengthening it
  3. yep you need to do some some research on LST (low stress training), topping/FIMing, and/or supercropping. that plant is very sativa-ish so it is going to stretch and take a while to bud most likely. oh and keep the light as close as possible to the plant without burning it.
  4. Definately don't give up. I'd say to repot the plants, and when you do bury them in soil higher up the stem. Then as said before you need to get your lights a lot closer. How big of an hps light are you using?? you might want to gently tie the plant to a stake or something for some added support and get a fan blowing on them to strengthen up the stems......good luck man, don't give up.
  5. top it dewd
  6. I think the last thing a skinny plant like that needs is twice as much growth coming out of the top of it. Bury it deeper, get it more light, and a fan, and LST when it get a little bit stronger......
  7. when you top the plant the rest of the plant, lower than the top, will grow upwards and outwards. but yes, lst it, then fim it, then top it

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