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Shall i get high ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ConnorW, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I'm going to this big twilight premiere with all the movies and the last one airs at 12 am so I'm obviously going to be bored because I'm going with my gf and trying to be nice,
    My idea is to make a 1 gram firecracker but is it worth it ? Will I be straight or feel it ? I have a high tolerance
  2. If it's good you'll feel it, but to be honest if you consider yourself to be experienced and have a "high tolerance" I'd go with 1.5-2gs of high quality to get a mind numbing high that should last at least two movies.
  3. 1 gram? For Twilight?!

    Fuck, man...I'd have to light up an eighth to stand that shit pile of a "vampire" movie.:cool:
  4. You're going to sit through ALL the Twilight movies? You must love this girl.
  5. You should get 8grams and make 4 2g firecrackers. Eat one before then during, then during, then during and your super baked and probably won't kill yourself.
  6. I heard they last pretty long ? Like 4-6 hours do I really need 4 ?
  7. you'll need more than just weed to be entertained while watching twilight. you'll need some booze, hookers, strobe lights and some LSD
  8. id need to eat at least 5 1g firecrackers to watch twilight...
  9. u better get a handy or somthing after watching that piece of shit called a movie...
  10. You gotta eat more than one gram if you have to sit through Twilight. I'd say eat at least 2 grams.
  11. Id have to pack at least three firecrackers.
  12. Smoke it before the movie and try not to laugh at how stupid the movie is. Just think that was all the weed is gone and cry or something.
  13. Not enough weed exists to make your night entertaining. Hope she's worth it bro.
  14. Judging from other threads and such, i'd say this one is worth it. Better then having to hear her say "ITS EITHER ME, OR THE WEED, ONE OR THE OTHER, YOUR ULTIMATUM, WHICH I HAVE FORCED UP ON YOU".

    Eat like 10 of those fuckers. Lol
  15. If she's not THAT into Twilight, then just spend the time getting your make-out on.
    If she is... Wear tinted sunglasses and sleep.

    Oh. And, as everyone else has said, eat more than 1g.
  16. Ive never done firecrackers, so i cant be much help there, maybe just bring your weed and a pipe and sneak out every so often and smoke to keep your high going lol
  17. My gf wants me to go with her so I'm defiently having a sesh soon. I really don't mind twilight. They run around snapping each others necks but the lovey parts is the most awkward thing.
  18. Eat a pound.
  19. I made it through all of them unstoned, I didnt even have time before the movie to make them had to be at movie theatre at 4, but all is golden had alot of fun after ;)

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