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Shaking when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LiteThatBowl, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. My friend is scared to smoke out of anything but a bowl cause he shakes. What's up with this?
  2. That's pretty crazy, maybe a bad experience smoking out of anything else?
    Have you actually smoked a joint or a blunt with this person and seen them shake?
  3. I've never seen him shake but he's like I'm never smoking anything but a bowl cause I shake really bad and I feel weird. He's pretty sketchy
  4. Maybe anxiety? Don't tell me what exactly what meds he's on, but is he on meds? Does he get racing thought? Panic? Has he ever gotten a panic attack from weed? Without weed?

    This is a tough one, it could be anything. Maybe he smelt weed when something traumatic happened when he was young.

    Maybe he was on an expedition through Mount Everest when him and his team got stuck somewhere with no food, shelter or clean water. All they had was a bag of weed to share so they smoked it while shivering like crazy. They all died and his friend was the last one. He stayed warm by sleeping and hotboxing their carcasses, drinking their blood for hydration and ate away at their body's for food. Until he got saved, therapy to forget he smoked weed and recivilized. When he returned to normal life he met the OP and they became friends. OP happened to smoke weed and let the friend tried it. The underlying bad memories made the friend subconsciously shake.
  5. The method of smoking shouldn't make a difference to shaking. It's usually a result of hunger, dehydration, fatigue or low blood sugar.
  6. lol I don't know what it is. Thanks for the reply tho
  7. :eek: Thats exactly what I thought could have happened!
  8. Well she was shaking! (woe-oh-oh) snappin her fingers, movin round and round and round yeah she was shakin....
  9. This never happened to me when I cirst started smoking, then it started out of the blue after a couple months. The shaking was minor but the big concern was I'd always seem to get a big fever. Like the back of my neck where it touches my hairline would always seem to be burning up half the time I smoked. I'd constantly be holding an ice pack to it. And my heart beat would be absurdly high. Now after not smoking for 8-9 months (that wasn't the primary reason, but still a big one) I haven't had it happen again.
  10. I smoke all the time and never shake so when he told me I was kinda confused cause I've never heard of someone shaking but I think it's because when you smoke out of a bong, joint, etc you get more smoke than a bowl.
  11. I shake when I get high hahaha doesn't bother me to much hahaha it feels like uncontrolled shivers . Hahaha kinda weird huh I just put a blanket over my chest and go about my high after a while I don't notice and it goes away .
  12. Sometimes i shake if it is really cold and anxiety starts to set in. Make sure he is in a comfortable situation to blaze in
  13. Its anxiety, and only in his head, sometimes when im sittin there smoking I feel like im shaking, but im not, its just his mind playing with him, he needs to chill, so when you smoke with him just let him know all you gotta do is chill, make him feel like its alright to be smokin some.
  14. I shake all the time, except when I'm smoking.
  15. One time I felt like I was shaking a little when I was high, just attributed it to being super stoned and went on with my high :)

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