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Shaking Hands With Girls.

Discussion in 'General' started by PostPunk420, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. I always shake a woman's hand when I meet her. Lets her know you're a gentleman whether she likes it or not. Shake firmly. Control + 1 is a good way to put it. One more strength level than what they give you at first.
  2. I shake girls hands with my cock.
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  3. You can't just go around hugging random people you meet.
    Or can you..?
  4. Actually most of you would be shocked, girls really get turned on by touches on their hands. Smell know's whats up man you dig?

  5. i hug about 80% of the time unless the girl looks like she would get very weirded out or kick your ass if you hugged her... i like hugging:hello:
  6. be a gentleman get on one knee and kiss her hand
  7. Hugs are far too personal on first meeting a girl unless you knew her before hand. A handshake is usually warranted (unless, for instance, they have no hands) but it should be far more delicate than when you're meeting, say, a three star general or leader of some foreign nation that incorporates throat clicking as part of their language. Grip, but don't squeeze firmly.

  8. Already beaten.:p

    Also, if I was a chick and some dude I just met hugged me, it'd creep me the hell out. I only hug chicks that are my friends...
  9. It really depends on how cool you are.
  10. i usually greet strange women with a twist on the nipple. they usually dig it
  11. Unless they payin me or makin me money, they aint shaking my hand.

    THis message is from jesus of mars.

    Thizz face : On
  12. if theyre greek i grip their hand with less force as i do to a guy and while im still holding their hand i lean in for a kiss on each cheek...its a greek thing(im sure other cultures do it too). to american girls just shake lightly. ive noticed that greek girls have a stronger grip than some american girls, that will come in handy....and ranting...but its okay to rant once in a while, i dont that often...SHUT UP MOM!!!!!.....end rant....AGHHH
  13. LOL Why are there so many posts about girls? We're really not that scary, weird, or different.

    I'm not a big hand shaker, me and my friends tap fists :p

    But I could care less if a guy shakes my hand firmly or not, I was always told a firm handshake meant you were like a solid individual, at a job interview or something.
  14. When I shake hands with a girl, I make sure my thumb goes over her thumb and a nice firm shake.
  15. AHHH ITS A GIRL!!!

    *hides under covers*

    Look at her... so scary, weird and different... maybe its because shes wearing an eyepatch...
  16. + rep for the funniest thread ever
  17. When I first meet someone, if it's a guy I'll definitely use more grip than with a girl, but with guys I also kind of swing my hand into it, kinda like a small high five. Kind of hard to picture I guess unless you see it.
  18. Made me :laughing: and left me wide open for:

  19. its not that far fetched
  20. I like to tickle the palm of her hand and then if I can I blow hot air on her neck. This never creeps her out.

    note: i'm lying about the handshake part.

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