Shaking Hands With Girls.

Discussion in 'General' started by PostPunk420, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. When you meet a girl for the first time, do you usually shake hands with the girl? If you do, do you usually shake hands like you would with a guy? When I shake hands with guys I usually give them a nice, strong grip. I do the same with girls. Some girls would often comment about how strong my hand shake is while others would winch in pain. I'm wondering if maybe I should change differentiate my handshaking habits for women.
  2. I usually give them a softer, yet still firm handshake.
  3. if your shaking someones hand and they are wincing in pain, you are probably shaking their hand too firm. I dont shake a womans hand as firm as I would a man, but i dont give the woman a wet noodle either, let her know you're there, just dont hurt her.
  4. wincing in pain is always a good sign to lighten the grip a bit...just my personal opinion lol
  5. I loosen up.
  6. Word.
  7. definately don't squeeze them too hard. Better to be on the softer side.
    More importantly though, if you are interested in the girl, you should continue holding her hand even if it feels uncomfortably long. It's a great way to connect with her subconsciously and shows her you are comfortable with her. Works like a charm!
  8. I usually just do a light shake. Or just hug em, especially if im drunk.. haha
  9. Yeah I go softer and let it linger for minute if I wanna be flirty, But if shes ugly I just give her a the fist to fist pound thang:D
  10. I shake their hand if they are older than me. I typically go just as firm as I do with a man, but a lot of girls have weak handshakes that make it hard. It usually pisses me off.
  11. If she winces, it's a sure sign that she takes it in teh butt
  12. I tickle her palm with my fingertips.
  13. When she's not lookin' i whip it out and just stick it in there. Always the best reaction. A gaping mouth ;)
  14. I give 'em hugs :hello:
  15. I always like to be in control. I will grip your hand harder then you grip mine so I am +1
  16. Control +1?
  17. I like to hug em and start kissing on their neck and stuff.
  18. Handshaking is a pissing competition you need to leave to men. (Men think harder grips make them more manly, but in reality they are overcompensating for something :rolleyes:). Anyhow on a girl DEFINITELY don't go rough with the handshake. Maybe even avoid the whole handshake and go for a hug. If its the first time meeting her she might find a hug a little weird, depends who you're with.
  19. If they are hot enough I kneel on one knee and kiss their hand.

    Just kidding.

    I usually shake their hand less intensely than I would a guys, but still firm.

    And yeah, if I shake hands with a guy, and he shakes harder, I will too. My friends and I usually just pound fists... or whatever you want to call it.

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