Shakespeare hides 50+ rock band names in the verses of "Tomorrowman" Can u find them?

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    Sup world I'm Shakespeare's ghozt and I do alternative hip hop. Here's my song Tomorrowman, in it I weave the names of 50+ of my favorite bands in the first two verses. Some cats have done it before...but I don't think they can do it like me ;) If you like it...if you love it here's a link to the youtube channel, and facebook page AND a copy of The Island of broken toyz project for free! #fearthefuture

    editor's note: Can't say that Shakespeare doesn't listen to the people ;)
  2. Hey man, no disrespect, but to be honest there are a lot of people rapping like this. Remember that Gym Class Heroes song? It's been done a bunch of times, my boy Joe Threat has a good one.

    OTHER than that I don't mean to diss you. I'm just saying you shouldn't say it hasn't been done before.
  3. no disrepect taken. IMHO none of those cats do it as smooth as me, then again I dont find myself listening to Gym Class Heroes very much...but to each his own...preciate the listen either way...
  4. no doubt homie. And don't get it twisted, even when Gym Class did it it just seemed kind of gimmicky. I like your style, and I'm also a huge fan of themed songs like this, though maybe not this direct.
  5. i like your stuff too, but GZA has done it with celeb names, NFL teams, animals etc...Masta Ace has done it with album titles, i did a track back in 04 usin movie titles called Hollywood....but your track is dope but its not an un-tapped idea

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