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Shake: Used To My Advantage

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by magic cookies, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. So here in seattle as many of you know, weed is legal. The dispensary takes all the shake from all of the different plants and mixes them together in a huge container of shake.
    $1.00 a gram.... lol yes, $28 dollars gets you an ounce of shake.
    This shake is sooooo smokeable, I dont see why people dont just do what i do. I bought 20 grams for $20 dollars and rolled up 22 king size zig zags with it.
    If i rate the bud 1-10 its an 8.... 22 pre-rolled King J's at my disposal. :) This is too easy.
    So why is it that so many people dont like to smoke shake? i mean real shake is just broken down weed, wich most brake down and roll a joint or blunt anyway. So whats the big deal?

  2. i don't have that option due to my state's laws and what not but if i did i would fucking jump right on that shit. roll it in joints, make hash, edibles, smoke it, whatever. that is a good deal. lol 
  3. But a qp and make some hash/edibles. you god damn west coast fuckers.
  4. lmao! I know right, were kinda spoiled over here. I'm def gonna make some cookies, its my specialty. I plan on having like 100 rolled giant J's
  5. Wow im jelous, i dont care what "the professionals" who smoke only the dankest of bud say, this is a great idea. Besides, where i come from (Uk) I bet the shake from a legalized dispensary is better than our £10 1gram pickups!
  6. That is a great deal. Enjoy the heck out of it. :smoke:
  7. Honestly you are so lucky you have the opportunity to get deals like this on bud that you say is good. I wish I could move out there I would be in heaven, pun intended. 
    Happy smoking   :smoking:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
  8. I am so damn jealous that I can't take it haha. I want this deal...nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    Try living in Western NC where shake isn't an option and weed is $60 an eighth on average...
  9. #9 RvginATL, Jun 7, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2013
    I never understood why people despised shake. IT'S STILL MARIJUANA. Not only that, but it's already grinded for you! I love it when my dealer tells me "I need to get rid of about a gram of shake, I'll give it to you for $5." :yay: lol @ me being happy for $5 gram of shake when you get it for 1/5 of the price. oh well
    Wow, sometimes you can get a quarter for $60 bucks here. and thats before any legalization. feel kinda bad for you guys now.....
    @fly young fella: I know man, its freakin gonja broken down. what is the difference?? to hell with it. continue to get your shake for the dirt :)
  11. I pay $50 an eighth for top shelf. but I know what you mean, used to live in VA and even the dirt weed I got was expensive :(
  12. It truly sucks..
    Even in here Asheville, the only city in WNC (and the only somewhat weed tolerant place), I pay $50 for an eighth. The best deal I ever got here was a quarter for $90. In my hometown, which is your typical mountain backwoods hell hole, it is a set 60/120 thing with no questions asked. 2 grades here, 'dank' and 'mids/regs.'  Anything that isn't brick weed usualy qualifies as 'dank' and goes for 50 or 60, or $20 a g; as for regs Idk what they sell for now, I could care less for the brown seedy shit.
    I personally don't use the term 'dank' because by the definition here it is a broad category that encompases everything from beasters/high-mids (whatever that shit means lol) all the way up to top shelf medical quality (which we get a decent amount of due to the demand for it in Asheville). But either way it will cost the same whether it is average weed or amazing weed. Somebody come save NC.......
  13. lol Atlanta is the exact same way. "Dank" can mean a lot of things, and some of it definitely isn't worth $20/gram, but sometimes you run across some medical shit and it's still $20 lol. I feel you on the deal I got was $50 for good bud and that was with a friend discount. Best quarter I got was $100.... :cry:
    It is tough here in the south... :devious:
  15. I should assume shake is a little less potent, cryals having been 'shook' off (hence the name shake?) and proberly consists of sugar leave that is more prone to falling off bud. Non the less its proberly just as potent, is still marijuana and i dont think its should be looked down apon
  16. I thought about that too, but then I realized that nugs are gonna have crystals that fall to the bottom too, which would just hitch a ride to the shake factory, if you catch my drift :ey:
  17. Yeah i get you man haha, its like sugar coating your bud in kief, yum!
  18. How much for an airplane ticket to Seattle?
    The way I see it is if I go there, then I won't be complaining about the price here lol.
    LOL colorado is legal too. shorter trip lol. one thing i've learned is that what is just ok bud to us is top shelf in most other places. I wish it was legal to ship it ;) lol

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