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Shake sold at any SF clubs?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by skygreenleopard, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I want to make some tincture and other non-smoking experiments like edibles or hash on my own. I have an MMJ card and live in San Francisco. Do you all know of any dispensaries that sell shake? Might turn out cheaper than using good stuff on it, but the last few clubs I've gone to only seem to sell great-quality bud, which I'd hate to experiment with, especially at the prices they sell it.

    Thanks! :hello:
  2. I doubt it honestly. They probably use their shake to make their own edibles.
  3. im pretty sure ive seen pick up threads where people buy some fire shake for cheap idk youll have to ask around... like its real cheap but idk man good luck. just ask around the dispensarys :s
  4. Most places use their shake for hash, if you know the owners they would probably cut ya a deal. Better to deal with nuggets than herb scraps that have been tossed around for weeks.
  5. Green Door sometimes does, at least last time I was there they did...
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    Looks like Green Door does sell two kinds of shake (regular and purple), but it's half the price of their regular high-grade weed. I can't imagine it's more than half as potent, making it a bad deal. Might as well get some nice stuff. Anyone disagree with this hypothesis?
  7. Nice dude, thanks. If I know what strain it's coming from it's probably worth it!
  8. No problem :smoke: Good Luck making your tincture :bongin:
  9. from what i've smoked, the shake is as potent as the regular buds. Just cheaper since shake isn't that popular.
  10. check out weedtracker

    i found shake at a local dispensary through there down in southern california, $5 a gram, $65 a half, $125 an ounce. strains varry, but its usually sour diesel x og kush, skywalker og kush, or pre-98 bubba kush shake
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    Hey guys, thanks for the advice. I got an 1/8 oz bag of shake from Green Door for $20 - one of those tiny ziplocks for nugs, filled to the top with pretty crystally shake. Made tincture w/ 2 oz of high-proof rum, the 1/8 oz of shake, and one small nug (probably 1g) of some indica mids I had left over. Baked the week at 325 for 5 minutes, then double-boiled the tincture for 25 minutes.

    Ended up with about 1 oz of DARK DARK tincture, tasted like spinach juice. Tried 1 teaspoon's worth in some soda, and got a 3-hour heavy buzz off it! It's an excellent experiment to try. Considering I used less than 1/10 of the tincture in my soda, it shows how potent the shake is!

    They sell regular shake and "purple shake," which is exactly what it sounds like. I wonder if I'd get purple tincture with that stuff...
  13. Yeah, except they've also been 'tossed around' for weeks with loose trichome heads.
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    If you can get shake from the clubs do it!!!! i had a 1/8 of some fire ass shake its basically all mixed up from different strains. It looked the same as bud except twas just a bunch of calyxes loose in a bag. Its like half the price too. Still it had me higher than the buds i was smokin...what a deal! Keep this secret on the low though lol oh dam i think i just ruined it
  15. well if u dont want to use good quality weed and cant acess just shake, u can also just get alot of regs for a cheap price and experiment edibles with that. (they'll still turn out fkina wesome despite not being kush )
  16. What a fucking great idea. Shake is good! All covered in kief and what not! :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  17. UPDATE: Ended up making cannabis beer! I brewed 5 gallons of a coffee stout ale, hoping the roasty/chocolate flavors mask the marijuana tincture. I reserved about 1 gallon (11-beers worth) of beer and, after aging it for 3 weeks, added the shake tincture I just made, with about 3/4 teaspoon of tincture per 12oz beer. That's about 50% more per dose than the 1/2 teaspoon I tried in a Pepsi the other day, which got me pretty high. I'm predicting one beer will have me on cloud nine.

    I just bottled the beers tonight. I smelled one of the marijuana-tainted ones and, though there was a slight marijuana smell, it was mostly a spicy scent that complemented the roasted grains and coffee in the beer. No vegetal spinach scent from the tincture! I'm hoping this comes out ok. Imagine cannabeer in a dispensary...
  18. People hate on shake! Hawaiian Snow weekly speacial $5/GRAM???? I remember the month the had Green Crack shake by the barrel and was perfect to me. Seems like it varies from club to club, you can usually call instead of driving all around. But if you dont wanna spend $50 on a cut of bomb herb, just go for the shake :).

    Umm, heres $35 thank you for the quarter see you next week :smoke::smoke:

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