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Shake Smh............ Was I ripped?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by j420kid, Nov 17, 2014.

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    I asked for 7 grams of dank instead he gives me 4.8gs for 80 of some dank with buds and shake. Then he said Ill come back to give you 2 more g's and I still have to pay for the 2 gs I feel like I was over charged
    My guy delivers to me if Im not impressed with the bud he give me should I still not buy it even though he delivered to me?
    That would almost be like him driving to me for nothing
    Was I ripped????
    What should I do????
     DC area
    Heres a pic of what I got


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  2. tell him he is short 2 grams. if hes not gonna give you that, make sure he knows hes losing money (you, a customer)
  3. Just get an extra 2 g's next time you pick up

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  4. Well shit when you're paying the price for dank buds, that's what you should be getting, dank buds. Not a bag of small ass nugs and shake
    I still have to pay for the 2gs
  6. Man, two grams short and he's expecting you to pay for it? Tell him that you aren't going to put up with it and if he doesn't make it right then you're going elsewhere. Be nice about it, though. Dealers will always try this at one point or another (shorting the customer) to see if they will notice/if they have a scale.
    How much shake is there?
    Its not a whole lot of shake but its a good amount in the bag I think he gave me what he had left thats why I couldnt get the 7gs I wanted and I think I paid full with the shake included. He gave me 4.8gs that I paid 80 bucks for and I would shit have  to pay 20 bucks for 2 more gs to make it 7gs but seeing that he only gave me 4.8gs I dont think the extra 2 gs is going to equal 7gs
  8. Cali nugs makin it to the far east i see. Don't let him pull that shit. Find somebody decent to cop from
  9. Shake isn't necessarily a bad thing you end up with a lot of extra crystals from the larger sack that have trickled down into that shake. Hard to say if you got ripped off I don't know normal prices or the quality of the bud there. End of the day all that matters is do you fell you got ripped off and if you do then this was a lesson learned and you likely won't allow it to happen again.
    From what it sounds like you normally get a 1/4 oz for 100$ and you were 3.2 grams short of that at 80$. If that is the math then if you did get ripped it was a small amount but take into consideration that he gave up last of his grass for you and if he can't re-up for some reason he's not smoking.
    Bunch of ways you can look at this situation.
    IMO that's how the game is sometimes you win sometimes you lose as long as they balance out with a dealer it is no big deal it's only when you start losing more often than winning that you should really be concerned!
  10. Uhh, 4.8 is 2.2 less than 7. So the extra 2grams (2.2) would equal 7 ;)
  11. Are you sure he wants you to pay for the other two? Cuz that's utterly ridiculous and not really what I gather from the situation.
    Hell I didn't bother to look back at it my mind was telling me he said 3.8^^ I blame the kush!
  13. Doesn't really make sense, does it?
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    Was directed at OP ^.^
  15. If you ordered a pizza and the pizza showed up missing 3 slices would you feel bad turning the pizza driver away and not wanting to purchase it?
  16. My math was still wrong^^
    yeah he wants me to pay because I usually get 7gs for 100 and I guess he was down to his last and only had 4.8 left so I brought the 4.8 for 80. Then he told me he would come back later to drop off 2 more gs so it would equal out to 7gs
    So I would still have to give him 20 bucks for the 2 gs for it to equal 7gs
  18. ....So then I don't understand what you're asking.
    If you normally pay $100 for a quarter, and got 5 for 80 and pay 20 for the extra 2, that's $100 for 7 grams (6.8)
  19. Oh sorry bro that's my bad I would pay 70 for 7 here.
  20. You paid for it, stop complaining.

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