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  1. binge drinking is baaaaad. and the outcome of a nice long binge is even worse. GOD whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy cant I just smoke?!?!?! noooooo! this has to be illegal. the only thing that has never got me in trouble. the only thing that keeeeeeeps me sane!@ ugh. the frustration.
  2. I feel your pain...........binge drinking is never a good thing. I only have bits and pieces of 2 yrs of my life because of alcohol. And I hate the after effects of a good drunk. So anymore, I stick to smoking my bud and only drinking on occassions..........even though those occassions are getting more frequent because of the stress in my personal life.

    And if it wasn't for marijuana, I would more than likely be confined to a rubber room bouncing off the walls. Actually that doesnt sound that bad.........maybe I can get one of my friends to go with me on the buddy system.
  3. you know what <b>I<b> think...
  4. Drinking to much is not to good. I do the same thing time and time again. When i8 drink I used to always over do it. Now I don't drink for the fun of it, I drink to be social!
  5. ugh. was i ever stressed out when I posted that last night..rough times are the hardest for me esp. I know when I start drinking Ive been recently especially drinking A LOT more than I know, till you pass out, blacking out all that trouble, then NEEDING one in the morn to calm you out. its all trouble. after a nic long 2 weeks like that, I took a nice 3 day binger. ouch. I ate a sandwhich and a half of box of raisins over the course of those 3 days...and What a fucking eye opener. So I decided, with all the trouble I have caused, mostly upon myself, breaking bones, car accident...something has to change. I taking this one step at a time...I decided to go for the 40 days of no alcohol. I know I can go out and just have a few drinks, but it hasnt been like that recently. my body needs a break, and I need to get my head clear. its going to be tough though, when you are dependent on sure you all can somehow relate on that.
    But what kills me is, when things are on my mind and bothering me, most of the time Id just like to smoke my mind, and feel better for a small time....and I would love to be able to do that. I am less destructive, to myself, I feel better, no hangover! no shakes! no withdraw kind of feelings! etc etc etc...most of the time Id put in a movie, watch it, fall asleep and go on with the next day! You know, but its Illegal! now wtf! it makes me so mad! Ive made some dumb decsions on alcohol, but I cant ever say after smoking a J have I ever lost my head or cool! so, so, so frustrating. If it was legal, drinking in my life would not be where its at, and I would be a healthier person, and happier. the evils of alcohol have finally caught up with me!!!! if only MJ was legal...I cant smoke because of the nice lil thing called drug testing. thanks nixon.
  6. well, right now a drink a lot. almost everyday, blazing a joint before starting, and finishing with a hot dog or a burro.

    so far now, the only "problems" that drinking has bring into my life, are the following:

    I don´t get up in the morning for the 7:00 am class.
    My girlfriend broke up with me, according to her, i´m a drunk.
    that´s it.
  7. lol shit happens man....ill smoke a bowl for u
  8. Three words......

    <font color=red><b>Betty Ford Center

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