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Shake-and-Bake Methamphetamine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TheRadical, Aug 26, 2009.

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    I was just picking through some online news when this link caught my eye, New Methamphetamine Formula Avoids Anti-Drug Laws

    As the article points out, just because this method of making meth is infinitely easier and more convenient than your average meth lab, it still poses the same risks as before in that any oxygen in the bottle will set off an explosion. I'm sure that this will cause an increase in the number of spontaneous combustion's of sketchy characters in back alleys.

    Edit: So I just saw a thread about the post in Pandora's box being deleted. My apologies if it is against the rules but the article doesn't explain all the needed chemicals, nor does it give a "how to" or instructions for making the drug. I still believe it to be relevant information for the Community, but if a mod or admin thinks otherwise than again, sorry for bringing it up.
  2. Im sure there is a way to shake the bottle without causing any harm to yourself.
  3. Posted and deleted once already in Pandora's Box.
  4. ..why was it deleted? This is important informations.
  5. this should be in pandoras box
  6. If a mod wants to move it or delete it than by all means do so. I think its pretty important info for the general GC community though by raising awareness of the availability of such a harmful drug.
  7. i wonder how impure the final product is.
  8. Awesome, I'm going to the store :)
  9. The article says that once the crystallized meth is removed a large amount of brownish sludge is left over in the bottle, my guess is that its very impure. In this case I would imagine that your final product reflects the energy that went into making it!
  10. Another thread about this?!
  11. fucking tweekers
  12. I my mom made some shake and bake the other night..

    ..and I helped.
  13. There is always nasty remains even in labs. So I doubt that is variable in determining how pure or impure the finished product is.

    I also wonder how this compares to lab made crystal.
  14. I'd be proud too.. :rolleyes:
  15. there's a thread in Pandora's box written by a user who got their thread deleted. He was asking about the rules. The thread he was asking about was on the same exact topic.

  16. Alright, this made opening this thread that much more worth it. :hello:
  17. meth's demonized but it's cool to give kids adderall?
  18. making crank with your mom


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