ShaggyGreens First Grow - 3x Feminized (CFL Grow)

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    Start Date: February 8, 2014
    Strain: Dutch Passion Power Plant x 2 & Royal Queen Power Flower x 1
    Feminized: Yes
    No. of Seeds Planted: 3

    Time of Harvest: 55-60 days

    Grow Location: Stealth Cabinet Box 18" wide x 16" deep x 36" height
    Soil Medium: 75/25 Fox Farms Ocean Forest & Perlite

    Nutrients: Fox Farms Grow Big - Veg. growth (beginning week 3 of veg, at 1/2 rec. dosage), Fox Farms Tiger Bloom, & Big Bloom for Flowering growth
    Lights: 3x CFL 23w (100w equivalent) 6500k slowly building to a total of 7x CFL - 7x CFL 23w (100w eq.) 2700k for flowering

    Light Schedule: Veg = 18/6 on/off (last 2wks) -- Flower = 12/12 on/off
    I am starting my first grow and would appreciate any tips, guidance, or comments in support or constructive critisism towards the grow. I also built a blog posting to store critical log updates for my own reference.

    I summarized some critical aspects I am running with based on the inspiration of organization I found on Hypoxic's and Bubblekarma's grow logs.  

    February 11: I received my stealth cabinet and placed the 3 seedlings I began germinating on February 8 in a beginning seed mix soil simply due to my living constraints and my schedule I figured soil starting would be the safest bet.  I am pleased to share in attachments that one of the Power Plants has sprouted and after only 4hrs of being in the box she's looking upwards!

    I gently brushed some soil aside to settle some nerves and determine the other two's progress.  Both have launched roots and it should be days before they begin to rise. I was using more distilled water then recommended simply to moisten the seeds.  I will be following a more regimented light, humidity, and watering schedule now that I know they are rooting healthy.

    Again, any suggestions are welcome.  As of right now what I have for equipment is it due to money constraints for this grow.  Not sure why the attachments added sideways?  Will look into the problem and fix for update.

  2. Good luck man! Hopefully you don't run in to too many problems with lack of light, that'd be a bummer.
  3. Hey mate looking good, im coming to the end of my grow, from that experience ph religiously. What size pots are they going to end up in.

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    Well, two seem very healthy and one is so-so.  My thoughts were 1 gallon each; if the third makes it I am going to have to get creative with space.  
    I should have mentioned this originally, but I am growing strictly for myself.  Not looking to have huge plants; doing my best to provide the best I can in the space I have to work with in my situation. I also plan to get more light, but I have to get some supplies to add an extra power strip to the box.
    Thanks for stopping by!   For specific day by day details: Personal Grow Blog
  5. As long as you progressively add light as they grow, he should be ok.

    Flood with light during flowering forsure though.
    If everything else is in good order, the plant will utilize all of that CFL lighting.
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  6. Nice looking little grow mate nice and clean design, I have seen on here a few guys have real success scroging under cfls, especially in a space so small, might be worth looking into, good luck tho mate.
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  7. hey man new to the forum but im excited to see how ur grow goes, good luck!
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  8. Glad to see new 'Blades'!
    Thanks for the advice and compliments!
    Been checking twice a day, once about an hour after light has gone on and a second about 10hrs into their daylight schedule.  All three have nice growth.  One, the original that broke soil, is flourishing.  I noticed on two of them root ends sticking out the bottom of the cups.  I still think it is a bit premature to transplant so in the future I will be sure to start in a bit larger container.
    Been lightly watering the first check an hour into their light (when they awake). My humidity is rising slowly; confident I can make it work.  I spied a place I can grab a small humidifier if I fear it needs more.
    All and all, in about 72hrs I will transplant gently and carefully to ensure not to stunt the root growth.
    Today, I moved them closer to the lights to reduce some of the stretching and hopefully strengthen the stem a bit I have been using tweezers to gently bend them.  Let me know you thoughts...I will post again with an update upon transplant.

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  9. Big question for me right now: Do I wait to transplant with roots coming out the bottom of the biodegradable seed pots or transplant them with the pot in large container?

    The roots on two are pushing half of an inch on the bottom.

    Growth on two look very healthy; think I have overwatered so I am going to pull back the watering.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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  10. The whole point of the peat pot is to throw the whole thing into a bigger pot and not stress the baby.
  11. Gotcha...just wanted to do too confirm before making a bigger and wilting issue. Thx

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    I made a few adjustments to the box to get more light. I will have to get creative it seems and follow some defoliation guides based on my current lighting setup. I am already planning to make adjustments with a hanging, top down lighting for the next grow; this should give me a decent first grow challenge.
    I transplanted February 18, Tuesday.  One of them I left the seedling starter around it (experimenting to see if this method is worth keeping). This is Day 11 and based on comparison to others online it seems I am behind the curve when it comes to node growth. Not concerned since the two that I am pushing forward on seem very healthy and vibrant. My next watering in 48-72hrs I will add a third of the recommended dosage of the Grow Big.
    I originally had three plants, one of them was water logged by my own error.  Hard lesson, but had to let her go.  When I consider space in the box it seemed to work out for the best (at least that is how I am staying positive).
    With the box size vs light coverage (with new installment) I should have plenty of light to promote healthy grow. Will keep a close eye on temp. and air flow over the next 24hrs to ensure I don't over-heat the plants. 
    My theory behind why my grow is lagging along had much I believe to due with lighting and a bit over-watering in the initial stages.  Due to a combination of eagerness and roots extending from the bottom of my original cups I moved to the bigger 1g pots. I will be doing some growth control to maximize the size and height of plant once I reach 4 to 5 nodes into the growth.
    If you're following or considering to do so, I would love to hear some feedback or anything that may point me into a constructive direction related to my first grow.  You can also find specific details of my grow on my blog where I am keeping a Personal Grow Journal.
    Below is how things are coming along on DAY 11:

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  13. I'll watch that Power Flower- got one going myself.
    Hey get your RH up for them little girls.
  14. I know! Trying to get it up...low budget so I'm looking for home remedy fixes. Have a cup of water but obviously need to up the moisture level. It was up to 40% near watering day for that reason I'm sure.

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  15. Best of luck to you. From what i can see, you need to get the tops closer to the lights. 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches away for CFLs' is ideal. To raise your humidity, try soaking a handtowel/washcloth with warm water and set it on a plate in your box. Increases the humidity better than just a cup of water. But for sure get your lights closer so your stretch wont be so lanky and the energy will go more into leaf production instead of height production.
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    Mist them that'll do it.
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  17. Shaggy, how did this grow go?

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