Shadys Caramel Ice Closet Cfl Ting

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  1. welcome folks to my new journal.

    aim: mainlined with 16 cola's

    strain: caramel ice.


    lighting: 125w cfl this will be doubling shortly

    ferts: lucas formula using gh flora micro/bloom.

    traing: the plant will be lst'd and lollipopped

    i will post pics when lights on and again welcome....

    she's day 14 now no probs here some pics so far

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  2. day 15. she been topped only another 12 or so cuts to go lol
    ciday15topped.jpg ciday15.2.jpg ciday15.3.jpg
  3. a few frm previous grows CAM00004.jpg CAM00006.jpg i think thes are (dinafem) blue hash from last year.... that blue hash is THE nicest tasting weed i've ever smoked..

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  4. p.s all coment good or bad welcome
  5. new fabric 2 gal pots arrived today yay
  6. day 16 pics
  7. nothing much has happend today.
    she looks a lil happier today... heres the pics
    i've got that feeling she's gonna take off now.
    gotta try and figure out when to start taking the aux branching for the mainlining????

  8. \tday 20 <blockquote class="">she was trimmed a lil bit yesterday to get her ready for making the manifold...
    cant wait to get her started on it lol..
    someone's said that i should feed cal-mag with lucas formula@ 200ppm????? but i just dunno bout 200ppm's of calmag + my gh stuff??? any advice on this would be cool..

  9. mission mainline 1.0 is aborted due to me having the touch of a baby ephalump lol

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