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    So Iv gotta somehow vent now so bear with me here...

    I give a call to my usual hookup, some chick who knows people, and plan on buying 60bucks worth. I drive to her place about 20 minutes, and her plan is we head to a bigger city to pick it up, though she mentioned there might be a chance the guy is an Oz short that she may just end up getting her Oz instead, and that mine would come later that night, supposedly.
    We drive to the big city, in my car using my gas I might mention. She asks me for the money, I give it to her in confidence. She goes in, comes back out with her Oz, and tells me the dude didnt have my Oz... first off "WTF" is what Im thinking, but then decide to be lenient and deal with it. She had told me she gave the money to the dude, so he could go buy it later. So she comes back to my car with her Oz, and not my money... That most likely was my mistake thinking "shit happens".
    So the same night ended up getting late, she tells me "head home Ill drive it to ya when I get it". That night I finally got ahold of her after numerous calls to voicemail. Her new news is that she didnt get it, and wait till the morning and she should have it.
    Morning comes, I call her, and its a no go yet again... She says I should be getting it later that afternoon around 5 or 6. Time gets to 7 and Im callin her, only to be avoided it seems. Her excuse was her phone was out of service. She tells me that her dude she's gettin it from isnt answering his phone now. She tells me she might get it tonight, or tomorrow. Now for the forums turn... what would you do in my situation?
  2. Did you give her any money? Are you just waiting to buy from some middle man-errr woman- or did you do you feel like your getting scammed?
  3. she does or doesnt have your money? im confused
  4. you might have gotten beat. sorry bro. but if i was you id demand my money or my weed. you cant really hit her, cuz ya no shes a girl. but still. get whats yours dog.
  5. I'd pimp slap that bitch, she was probably broke and used your money to buy her Oz. She's probably trying to gather $60 as fast as possible to get your Oz as we speak.
  6. And yes, she has my money... Im gonna play the waiting game one more day, but if she doesnt come out with my shit or my money, Imma be in my car cruising her way to get a straight answer from the bitch... and hopefully my money back...
  7. If it was a guy I would say fuck shit up intill you eather get your money back or the weed. But its a girl so idk... leave her one of those angry voice mails or txt messeges so she knows your pissed. Maby she may feel bad or get scard and give you your shit back.
  8. She should have gave you 60s worth from her stash. That makes more sense
  9. Thats what Iv been thinking BigDub... Its 5:30pm now and Iv tried calling her 5 times, no answer... FUck this shit pisses me off...
  10. u got jacked homie.
    some bitch fucked me for 50 zannies in a simular fashion
  11. You shoulda gone in with her. I wouldn't leave a drug dealer, a female, and my money together without me for a second. Those 3 just don't add up.
  12. Idk y she didn't suggest that.

    I've been in situations like that where I just gave the money back to a friend or cut them a piece from whatever I had.
  13. If she took your cash and can't come up with it then the only logical solution to this problem is a gobbling of the cock.
  14. She'd have to blow him 6 times.
  15. pop a cap in that bitches ass

    then take her weed
  16. Seems like she's definitely trying to beat you. If you don't get it by tomorrow, and she doesn't give you your money back... then you know she's definitely ripping you off. I've learned the hard way not to front money anymore, even if they say they're gonna go get it from inside. If it's not 100% garunteed, then I don't fuck wit it.
  17. She took your money, bought her oz with it and scammed you.

  18. Haha. He's kind of dumb and he's kind of an ass. He's a... Dumbass
  19. Jeez, why didn't/don't you take half her Oz? That way if she is truthfull you still get to smoke in the mean time, if not at least your only out $30.

    She can't tell you she smoked it all so quickly. ;) :smoke:
  20. So I just get a call from the bitch, after calling here numerous times and leaving 1 voice mail. She talks to me like SHE's the one who has the right to be mad... Tells me "Imma get yer shit, AND pay you 5 bucks for the gas" because I left a voicemail saying something along the lines of "I think I got the shit end of the deal, I drive you to Wichita to pick me something up, and I end up driving home without while youv got your ounce? Sounds shady to me". THen she tells me not to call her again... yah I bet she would love the option to have me just forgive and forget... I dont play that shit!

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