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Shady dealers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Brighton420, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. So about 1 week ago i was at this party and i bought a bag from a kid that i know from work. well lets just say he was really fucked up at the time, he was so fucked up he could'nt find the weed and was about to fight the only other kid at the party that had some because he thought he stole it. but once he found the bag he sold me my stuff and i eventualy went home.

    but this kid was really really fucked up on xanx he had like 20 of them that night and mixed it with lots of beer and weed. and actually had to go the the hospital with a toxic liver infection which nearly killed him he now says that i didnt pay him even though i did. but he was so fucked up he had no idea what was going on.
  2. Thats really all you can do, if you said you paid him then its your word against his. If he was that fucked up then I would assumer people are going to take your word for it.
  3. i no what your sayin'
    it was def the benzo/booze combo that did it, way back many years ago i polished off a 12er in about n hour and popped like 5-6mg xanax and 3-4 mg kpins, well 800 dollars was missing at the end of the night from my wallet and i was FURIOUS so i beat the hell out of this one kid who we were with, ( he had a shady rep)
    my parents woke me up the next mornin n said they found 800 bucks underneath the coffer maker, hahah
    i never talked to the kid again...
  4. ya fuck him if you already paid
  5. Brighton ski area?
  6. thats like in my town. you know a bout it where r you from
  7. If from Idaho, so I go to Tamarack, but I've been to Brighton twice and thats such a tight area. Youre very lucky to live there.

  8. buy weed from somone else, he cant tell u shit becasue he cant remeber..... thats black status

    i was so fucked up and blacked out....i jumped in the front seat of a girls car...on top of her, and couldnt get out, it was funny at first then, i stayed there 2 long, so evreyone pulls me out

    and my drunken ass can till be a smart one

    i say...." was it as good for you as it was for me"

    that was NOT a good day,

    all my shit was broken and stolen....

    but the batsterds didnt get to my pipe weed, and i found my cig about a half mile a way on the river all and all
    it worked out
  9. I would tell you who not to buy from, but it might be considered as racial profanity.
  10. Fuck him. It's your word against his, and you REMEMBER what happened.

    I have gotten my herb from a good friend for years. I don't want to know any details or what not. The herb is excellent, the price is fair and one hand washes the other .. :)

    Besides his wife has a mad jones for Klonopin pills and I happen to get them perscribed. :) Like I said, one hand washes the other ;)

    I wouldn't buy from soneone I didnt know unless it was something really good.. Screw it, dont need the hassles.

    Also, a more mature dealer is usually better.. even though there are some champs younger guys , older more experienced guys usually have the connects to get better product and can afford more of it, kicking down the price a bit.

    Whatever you do.. Spend 20 bucks on Amazon and buy a little digital scale.. Wont regret it!

    Freedom >>> PUF <<< (I remmeber copping from Rastas ages ago with those bags, a Jewish Star on one side and the Peace Unity Freedom on the other!)

  11. Yeh man, ONLY buy from someone you know/ Your boys know. If dude's got good rep, it's a safe buy for the most part. Shady dealers are the worst, just cause how you feel. A street smart person will evaluate basically every possible scenario, and is prepared for the worst. Basically, try going through people you know, you've seen first hand strangers can be straight dicks.
  12. I used to visit salt lake every year for a week in the winter to ski. I've been to Brighton several times and wow... you ARE lucky to live there. Not to mention the other 10 world class ski resorts within 30 minutes of salt lake... but i digress :eek:

    oh yah, and fuck shady dealers. they're a hassle i don't need on my mind, and bud is everywhere.
  13. his problem not urs

  14. im in brighton michigan not utah i never new there was another brighton ski area.
  15. i don't hold a high opinion of dealers to begin with. where i came from, they're all greedy bastards selling the worst couchlocking schwag for insane prices to boot. i've pretty much told every dealer i've ever had to go fuck themselves as soon as they give me the slightest static.

    the last one i had sold me a $50 bag of dirtpile headache schwag, i think because someone stole his subwoofer and he was blaming me because he came home to me waiting for him with his GF sitting across the room a day or two before it happened. the day he sold me that shit he also took me to a couple of pawn shops. hmmm... what's your point? i told him to fuck off after that.

    the funniest street dealers i ever encountered were fidiots! one was trying to sell cow manure brick (actually he'd been running that scam for years as i'd ran into him a few times at the campus) as hash and to prove it was good, he'd smoke some up with ya, but he'd also throw a bud in the bowl... DUH! of course i'm buzzed... you threw some bud in with that manure brick you fidiot!

    then there was an even STUPIDER wannabe who tried to sell me "thai stick" which was little more than shake white glued to an actual STICK!

    bottom line, all MOST dealers care about is your money... nothing else.

    fuck 'em all!

  16. Or from the rave scene... PLUR

  17. bro that many xanax, you are not going to remember anything, literally.

    My friend took 8 bars one night, and he is small, only weighs about 120 pounds, he was playing volleyball at the beach for like 3 hours, went swimming in the ocean, went to a strip club and he spent like 300 bucks.

    The next morning he didn't even know we left the house and was wondering where the hell all his money went.

    Just tell him, xanax makes you black out, you can forget 5-10 hour peridos of time, literally forget half a day.

    If he spaced out the 20, he could have forgotten the entire fuckin day. Im actually surprised he even rememebered he sold it to you.
  18. Not all dealers are like that. I think it depends on where you live. In NYC, theres a dealer in every fuckin apartment building, most likely dozens.

    If your an asshole, rip people off, etc, no one will buy from you, theres 500 other people they coudld go to, so you gotta be a good dealer in a big city.

    I could see tho in smaller towns, rural areas, younger crowds, people who don't really deal for a "living" (i.e. pay all their bills), I know they can be assholes, rip people off, etc.

    When I lived in a small town in FL for a while, it was horrible, worst prices, worst weed, people never came with it on time, had me waiting hours and than never came till next day, tons of shit.

    Thats what I love about NYC, tons of people deliver non stop, driving from stop to stop, put in a call, get in the que, 5-10 min they at your door with a nice selection.

    Gotta love harlem ;)
  19. well i used to live in a good sized town on the east coast, and people there were generally self serving and greedy and would sell nothing but indica dominant strains except in the hood. back when i could still get weed there, i prefered $5 & $10 bags of packed mexican commercial over dealers who delivered weight. the mindset was totally different.

    maybe NYC is more consumer friendly because there's more COMPETITION to keep customers where dealers think a midsized city is their kingdom. still, alot of it too is just the typical north east coast attitude.

    i moved to oregon for med use, and people out here are soooooooo nice and friendly it's scary. i'd freak out when people smile & say hi when i first moved here trying to figure out their angle. LOL there was none, they were just being friendly.

    the weed here is alot better too. the two times i smoked, i didn't get couchlocked. the two light hits i took of mendicono madness were potent as heck although my tolerance was totally down and the bud i took 2 bowl hits on the way to these people's house for a bong hit was seriously potent, but up. dude showed me a $40 "eigth" that looked like a QUARTER. it was like 3 fingers where you get one for $50 back east.

    you just can't get anything but indicas back east. i quit talking to my fidiot cousin who just about started fighting me for trying to educate him that he was mistaken thinking "all weed is the same" because he was too young to see the days when trippy thai quarters were $35-$40 everywhere.

    i can't stand the dealers back east. they charge too much and all sell shit. $50 for one finger of couchlock is a ripoff. i wish i could find a dealer out here. the dude that smoked out wouldn't hook me up with his connection.

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