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Shady cat from work wants to smoke...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dmoe4000, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. So there is this guy at my work that wants to burn with me and he seems totally cool but like 2 months ago he mentioned just graduating from law enforcement school but cant find a job in the field...sketchy i know. He always talks about his smoking antics and today he was telling me about how he has some WW x Kush and a volcano and how amazing it tastes. So do you guys think this guy sounds legit or do you think cops train their narcotics agents with the lingo and appearance and stuff?

    Edit: I recently found a guy who can hooks QP's steadily every other week so its not like i'd get busted with a just a dime or anything...

  2. Well if hes a cop, what he's said could be considered entrapment (where he solicits you to commit a crim). So I would say test the water, and just get to know him better.
  3. theres basicly no such thing as entrapment. they do what they want when they want and the judge will let it slide. corupt inbread swine! i wouldint even talk to let alone smoke with anyone who has anything to do with law enforcment but if you wanna give him a chance tell him to pull out his shit and take a rip first.
  4. my words exactly.
  5. whats the point.. a new smoking buddy? or going to fuckin jail?

  6. you said he's shady, so if you think he's shady, either drop him or get to know him better
  7. definately DON'T hook up with anyone who's associated with law enforcement EVER!

    i know at my college, the law enforcement students used to patroil the campus looking to bust or inform on other students. if your co-worker says he tried to get into the field, then maybe he's looking for a bust to put on his resume.

    the poster who mentioned entrapment doesn't work anymore is TOTALLY right. all of the old protections are gone first off. the whole patriot act means no more search warrants are needed etc. shit... i watched an episode of cops where they did a prostitution sting and the hooker flat out asked if he was a cop. he said no, and they busted her anyways RIGHT ON FREAKIN' CAMERA COAST TO COAST.

    then there's the whole corruption thing too as mentioned. who do you think is going to win a he said she said battle in court, a law enforcement officer or a "druggie"?

    even before the patriot act, cops rolling over people's civil rights was old news. try reading high times. there's ALWAYS stories of cops going over the line there.

    even be careful here, in this very forum! officer friendly is here all the time digging for info. beware of the friendly PM asking you to send beans etc. i've already got one of those.

    sadly, you just can't trust anyone you don't know well when it comes to weed.

    if your new co-worker is such a stoner and got his hand on some primo as he CLAIMED, then have HIM hook YOU up! watch him make up 1,000 excuses when that happens.
  8. I'd say hes legit, like Barry Cooper used to be a cop now he tokes all the time and im sure theres lots of toking cops in Canada and around the world.
  9. Some guy you work with isn't a friend for life, if you're able to get QP's there no point of risking it, months down the road he could still use the information at the start of his job as a career opertunity, and you don't want to be that. Check him out first and see if hes legit. Try to get him to bring a joint to work or something. If hes real then I don't know, he may be a secruity guard or something. My best friends pop's is a probation officer and he smokes (which is pretty fucked up, he knows he son deals and everything). Some people take their personal life into their job, some live seperate lives. Thats for you to judge.
  10. What the Johnny Said.

    *Then agian, there is the old expression :

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck.... then holy crap it just might be a duck!
  11. confront him and see how he reacts, i doubt he's an undercover cop trying to bust you
  12. one of my buddies i use to toke, still hang out wants to join police academy, but not for drug enforcement depends what he did, if he was a drug cop in training, dont even try with him.
  13. 20% of the cops in the U.S. smoke weed. That's the last statistic I heard. I went to H.S. with 2 guys that became County Deputies. I've smoked with both of them while they were in uniform. They were done with their shifts of course. But it was wierd. I couldn't stop laughing. It was hard to hold in my smoke. I joke with them all the time. I tell them that the only reason they became cops was for free weed.

    I would just make sure that you aren't carrying, and have him provide the weed. Watch him while he smokes, you will be able to tell if he's a noob or if he's been tokin for a while.
  14. Honestly I think most people sending emails like that are just naiive stoners (but yeah I'm sure some really are cops and you shouldn't respond to PMs asking for weed or anything).
  15. i dont know, i had a friend who was a cop. He lived with my ex and he knew we all smoked and that my ex dealed and he didnt care, he used to smoke a lot and had to quit for his job...i dont know i like the idea of checking for a wire, and make him hit it first if youre going to give it a chance.
  16. Id try to get to know him better but right now i work with 2 people who are going to be detectives and one of them smokes and the other's friends all smoke. So you should really find out more about him and like someone said see if he can hook you up.
  17. I wouldn't even talk to him again if he was a cop, fuck that shit -- but that's just me.
  18. I'd tell the guy you were dry and see if he hooks you up. If he's a stoner he'll hook up a fellow stoner right? Smoking a joint with him using his weed would put my mind at ease a bit as well.
  19. well logic says and undercover cop wouldn't tell you he was a cop but maybe thats what he wants you to think. he could just be a pig in.....stoners clothing. id says hes got blood on his hands.
  20. if he knows about weed then he most likely smokes lol, undercover cops don't know that much. they don't train them to know everything a real stoner knows because they don't know either.

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