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Shady cat from work wants to smoke...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dmoe4000, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. So there is this guy at my work that wants to burn with me and he seems totally cool but like 2 months ago he mentioned just graduating from law enforcement school but cant find a job in the field...sketchy i know. He always talks about his smoking antics and today he was telling me about how he has some WW x Kush and a volcano and how amazing it tastes. So do you guys think this guy sounds legit or do you think cops train their narcotics agents with the lingo and appearance and stuff?

  2. dude go with him or whatever just make sure he offers it and smokes it first. be kinda sketchy about it and even explain to him why. if he aint a cop then he will hit dat shit
  3. ummm, if your not selling drugs or involved in somsort of crime, then i think its cool you smoke a bowl with him....then go with your gut
  4. I say meet up with him, check out what he brings and if hes holding then bust out some Jays and watch the clouds fly by.
  5. id say hes cool

    not every joe goes around bragging around their volcano, and the average stoner doesn't even know what it is

    i had nearly the same experience..i totally misjudged this guy the first time i saw him, he turned out to be the coolest motherfucker working there
  6. I don't think he ever said he was growing :confused:
  7. ya especially if hes supplying it and he hits it with you your cant pass up a volcano
  8. If hes offering, I dont see how he is trying to trick you. You cant be arrested for accepting a smoke/vap. Dont have your weed or your pieces around him untill you know hes cool. If he trys to get you to bring them, say you're dry

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