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    This dude gives me a hefty dime bag of dirt (I was pleasntly surprised, only asked for a g but it was like 2.5) the first time I met him last week, he tells me to always hit him up for bud from now on and I'm all like sure no problem!

    Just called him to buy a g of headies or 2 of mids and he says he has me on the good shit...

    just went outside and hopped in his car with his friend and THIS DUDE HANDS ME .5 OF MIDS for $20. Even though it looked way short of a gram to begin with he's like "you said or 2g of mids" like are you fuckin kiddin me and then he goes on to say "well lemme help you out I'm havin a good day today" and his friend says "it's dense shit though man... ah nevermind fuck it."

    Oh well I ended up getting my 2g :smoke:

    I'm glad I was brought into smoking by some black friends... I used to never speak up for myself with shit like this (maybe one or two white people I know would question a dealer so don't play the race card)

    What an attempt at a bait and switch... maybe it's because I dress like a preppy rich kid? I dunno.
  2. That just ain't right.
  3. you should have whipped your dick out and said see this son, they call me tightbuttholes
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    I would have been massacred. I'm a scrawny little bitch :(

    Breaking up the shit right now.. it's not even dense LOL.
  5. At this point in my life if a dealer isn't willing to sit on my couch and sell me a bag and or have me sit on his couch and weigh it out without asking im not interested......
  6. lol, whenever i have to buy from a guy i dont really know (super rare) i take my white ass to his car or apartment and i keep the .38 on deck because i buy weight none of that gram shit, but the gun is mostly for just a complete robbery if its a few grams short i have no problem just saying something and if it gets physical oh well.
  7. hell ill deal to you guys, just come over and spoon w/ me for 5 mins and ill give you an eigth
  8. i bring an rpg whenever i buy weed from an afhgan
  9. Not gonna lie that sounds appealing, I don't have a job.
  10. o i forgot we have to tape it and send it to your mother and life partner (gays)
  11. an account clearly made souly for trolling purposes...
  12. im comfused now i gotta take my like back. you let them get over or not? im small but ill be damned if im scared to stand up to gettin ripped off to my face.
  13. theres a good reason to only smoke DANK!
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    Gimme my motherfuckin like back! No I didn't let that dude pull that shit. Did you read the OP?

    If he didn't correct it I would've asked for my money back and demanded to talk to his manager.

    I let him play his alpha male "Well I'm feelin nice today..." bullshit I just want my sleeping medication. The friend kept going lol man you look high as shit! Look how fuckin red your eyes are! I'm like nah I'm not... he says it again and the third time I'm just like I'm coming down from a binge buddy...


    Where are you guys finding the intelligent and reliable dealers? :mad:
    I have a higher chance of getting shit shipped through customs at this point.
  15. This is the main reason I got my medical card.
  16. man if i were u id set up a deal and just rush that fool and butt a thumbtack on his forearm and wear a bill clinton mask so he doesnt know its you
  17. Woah I only smoked a corner hit of the bowl and coughed like a bitch and I'm way too high right now.
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    You must smoke once every 5 years
  19. Lol no doubt, U got some shady dealer dirt and smoked a little hit and ur "way too high"?

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