Shadow People

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  1. Does anyone believe in this. Alot of people have claim to have seen them and quite frankly its fucking creepy.

  2. If I'm tripping balls..
  3. Yup. Ive seen them before.
  4. I hate the fact that those of us with southern accents always sound dumb.
  5. ya ive seen em. not really a big deal, just ignore it and they go away.
  6. you know too much...
  7. I saw one at the foot of my bed years ago, it's really not scary...
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    I want to say no, but I have a feeling if I do as soon as I walk outta my room I'm gonna get scared shitless by one in my hallway or something. I actually have seen one now that I think of it. My pap and grandma live right up a hillside from my house, you can see the backyard from my porch. At night after my pap died for about a year, every night me and my brother would see someone standing in the corner of the backyard. I know I wasn't just seeing things, because when it moved, my brother saw it too.

    My pap (the one I was talking about earlier) used to tell me in his old house you could hear and see shit. The house he lived in as a kid was apparently a slave house back in the day, and at night you could hear chains (think ankle shackles and the like) on the staircaise up to the attic. And one time, he woke up to see a "hat man" shadow like in the vid at the end of his bed. He said he closed his eyes and it was gone, but he almost felt as if something was telling him to look out the window. The hatted man was standing on the sidewalk looking up at him, the only thing he could make out besides the silhouette was the eyes... Red. I get chills just thinking about that story.

    I believe him too, because my pap was a no-BS kinda guy who wouldn't take the precious time to tell a false story, especially one like that.

    RIP Pap :(
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  9. I cant say ive seen one, in my actual vision, out of the corner of my eye, of course, but cant claim they were more than just odd shadows lol.... but i believe in them.... if ghosts are pretty much expending energy, it would make sense they could use light perhaps, which could make a pocket of dark where they are.... similar to a black hole only rather than gravity causing it, its just literally pulling the photons from the air to use.... you know?
  10. Nope I don't believe in them, nor do I believe in ghosts or spirits. I'm just not the kind of person to believe in things that aren't backed by solid evidence, which is the same reason why I think the vast majority of conspiracy theories are bullshit.

  11. lol, was there a catastrophe? Yes. Was there clear evidence as to what happened/ who caused it? No. 1 hour later, conspiracy!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yes I believe in them, and I have seen them since I was younger. It doesn't bother me anymore, unless I'm in a strange place. I'm inclined to just believe it's a perceptual problem, but I don't know. Maybe it is a real phenomenon arising from somewhere outside of this dimension

    My older brother saw them to, usually right before he was going to have a seizure. That was one of his tells. For a while it worried me that I was epileptic to but it doesnt seem that way
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    I'm not saying this is fact, nor do I believe it is, dependin on the situation....
    But what if the seizures are an attempt at possession, and epilepsy is actually cause by an opening in which possessive spirits can enter if you are weak enough and the seizure is your brain going "no gtfo of here or I kill the body and we both lose"

    Again not sayin its fact, or that I think it is, but I love to analyze things in paranormal ways, makes life more interesting sometimes
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    I have seen them a few times.

    It always involved met-I mean, ice cubes... and 48+ hours without sleep.

  15. Do tell. I heard they prey on children, depressed people and lurk in spots where bad things have happened (like the slavery story that other guy told)
  16. wonder why they don't show themselves to skeptics..
  17. Hmm...

  18. It's like that terrible movie The Skeleton Key; you don't see them until you believe in them.
  19. If my Interocitor is out of tune you can sort of see me when I phase shift.
  20. I believe in them. I have seen them on a few occasions, feel free to believe me if you want.

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