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  1. This could sound insane but fuck it. How many of you if your up all night and shit or take ambein or tons of xanax or pin's..start seeing really tall black people that follow you around? I been seeing them since I started takeing ambein nightly I just learned to ignore then beacuse they wont hurt me. The frist time scared me I was in my bedroom cheiffing a jay and this tall ass dude comes into the room and it was dark. I yell out "andy?" nothing he walks about 3 ft away from me and vanishes everytime. I also see black cats but my pit's not barking at it so I know its not there. Anybody have any experinces with "shadow people"? My freind claimed to see shadow people on the ambein I gave him i hadent even told him about it though . Now I actually sorta like the shadow people. Sorry if none of this made sense.
  2. Holy SHIT man I know EXACTLY what your talking about except its a little black boy. (on ambien) I hallucinated a white lady playing the piano at the foot of my bed and a little black child in the corner of my window nodding out and bleeding. Crazy shit right there. Oh and the shadows, got that also but i thought i'd share something nuts crazy shit balls.

  3. haha hell yeah bro. It scared the nuts off me the frist time it happend but now its cool. Do you even have a piano lol? that would be nuts. Ive seen a few other things on ambein but the shadow people are like always there. Im glad im not the only one haha. I saw my freind who's in prison come at me with a knife once. thats about the scaryist thing that's happen to me on drugs. He stabbed me and I swore I could feel it. It wasnt till I realzied he was gone and I wasnt bleeding that I realized it was the drug. ambein is one hell of a drug. I dont care what anyone says.
  4. no i didnt really see a piano but i could tell she was playing. it seems more like a dissociative to me and i always get on the verge of being freaked out but i never do. i just laugh it off. how many mgs you take? ive only taken it like twice.
  5. holy fuck son, this ambian stuff sounds sweet!
  6. Haha ive built a tolernce. so like....7 or 8 of the 5 mg ones on a crazy night. . I get 60 a month and have 6 refills haha...more like 4 now. I love the shit dude. I feel it at 15 mg though. I just feel stupid and happy.
  7. Seen real shadow people (apparitions) In an old haunted mental asylum while not under the influence. and when i took DXM 2 of my boys and I all saw shadow people:eek:
  8. Ambien is some weird shit, I blew 2 10mg ones last night, And it looked like my walls and everything in my room was like sinking into the floor
  9. I have done ALOT of Lsd,mushrooms and shit like that.I now have what I tihnk to be Hppd.I see the same shit you do,though it hasnt been as bad.or too big of a problem for me atleast,though the lights always following my periphial is very anyoing.

    I told my doctor and dude started going on about Skitzo,and Manic depression.I told him my mental functions were not top noth but I am not
    "mentally ill" by any means.He actualy listened there,said that could be the thing.(Hppd)He also said some people just have these "delusions" or whatever you want to call them at random(never heard that before).He just told me to tell him if it got any worse,so far not that I can tell.
  10. Lol on dxm one night i talked to a shadow person for like 20 minutes before realizes it was an illusion
  11. I've been seeing them since I was 12. and I didn't do any drugs/alchohal then.
  12. So it might not even be the drugs? my guess it is but I didnt know you could see shadow people sober thats crazy =P.
  13. Hmmm, nope never. I can see how it could happen on ambien and other things but if it's happening when your sober, time to see a doc.
  14. Wait, some of you are seeing shadow people, while sober?

    Not trying to be a cum guzzling princess or anything, but if that's true.....

    well i'll mapquest a help center for ya.
  15. HPPD can make your eyes do some funky shit guys. I know someone with it and it doesnt really bother him but if he looks at something for a few seconds it will start moving hella hard he says. I'd kinda like it! =D

  16. Thats what I got,and these dudes on here are saying "Get help your going crazy"or atleast infering,to me it sounds,as if he is going crazy.(how they worded it)I dont think he is.

    It can be fun sometimes,as I dont have to dose as much when I trip on substances that make you trip:).It can be very,very,frustrating though.

    I would go to a doctor though just to be sure.Go to an eye doctor,thats where I got referred to when I told my main doctor.
  17. yeah my friends is really bad but i do get movement when i look at like stripes and shit thats re-occuring. it doesnt bother me at all tho. haha i'll be writing a paper and sometimes i cant read the words because they start mumble jumbling together.
  18. How is suggesting that if someone is having visual hallucinations while not on drugs, calling them crazy? They could be, but that's not what is being said. All anyone suggested (and that's the key word) is that if that is the case, it is probably good to see a doctor and at least talk about it.

    God, everyone on this damn forum seems to think that by going to a doctor because you are experiencing a problem, is the worst thing anyone could do. We're a bunch of drug users... and what people are most scared of is confiding in a doctor? Yikes.

    NO one said he or anyone had any mental illnesses but that it was wise to see a doctor if you are having any sort of hallucinations sober (and not sleep deprived, and NOT ON AMBIEN and other hallucinogens etc.)

    It's very simple.
  19. Dude,you misread my post.I wasnt being mean,rude or anything!.Fuck,I tols him to see a doctor the post before starting an immature argument that clutters OPS thread with bickering.
  20. I apologize I misread the last part. That is my fault. I will say though that it was not meant to be directed at you personally (even though I quoted you), it was just more a general frustrated statement. My apologizes again.

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