Shadow of Mordor

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  1. This game is not to bad, It is exactly like Assassins Creed just with the Lord of the rings twist. (kind of like a Mod pack). But the battles you fight with the orcs, jesus, my hands never get tired for pushing buttons, but this game leaves me with cramps lol.
    This game is pretty good, i just like the fact i can run around fuckin shit up with a sword. all i need some times. And when the orcs become way to large in numbers i run around tell i find them Wargs and i release them hahaha....then you always tame them and just jump off then they run around and kill for you....the game is one big slaughter fest.
    despite the Assassins Creed feel to it. The game is more challenging then Assassins Creed. Stealth and strategy play a big part. 

  2. love this game, as a lord of the rings nerd it scratches an itch i havnt scratched since lotro
  3. Does the game have a continuous play style? Or once you beat it are you done?

    You think it's worth the 60?

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  4. ive got a friend at work  that has 70+ hours played so far, he does all the side missions, EVERYTHING. so thats little bit of an overestimate but you get a good idea 
  5. Can't wait to pick mine up! 
    Huge LOTR fan. 
  6. Started playing on Xbox One last week and I'm thoroughly impressed. I've got about 40 hours into it so far and the majority of the time I've been running around, doing side missions, and having fun killing orcs. Great stress relief! Can't wait for GTA V.
  7. Just don't bother with the old gen versions, they look like crap, and I dont mean toned down, I mean downright very low graphics.

    The game itself is very very good if you're a lotr fan. I played it on PC and had a blast.
  8. Pretty sure the last gen versions are totally different. No nemesis system or anything like that. They shouldn't have even bothered if they couldn't do it right. This game is awesome on ps4 though, im only like half way through the main story and with everything else coming out who knows when ill finish it.
  9. I bought the PS3 version on Friday and have been playing it non stop since then. Yes it still has the nemesis system. Everything is the same except for some downgraded graphics. There are a few visual and audio bugs but the game itself is so incredibly good that it makes up for it. Probably will play it again on ps4 once I get mine.

    @op...the game has a lot more in common with the Arkham series than with AC. The game is basically batman in middle earth, with just a dash of assassins creed thrown in.
  10. The only negative thing I say bout this game is that I beat it n its like the game started over. The army of ppl u fought are weak again BT I'm strong as hell and other den side missions that are the same the games over. Unless I'm misinformed somebody inform me

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