shadiest story of my entire life

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  1. this is my first post here, so i thought id tell you guys a story. anyway here goes.

    so heres a little background on the situation. back in march i was smoking a lot of weed and i had a girlfriend who lived pretty far from my, about a half hour drive away one way. my dad is a detective in NYC so whenever i get pulled over i just show the cop my mini shield and usually they tell me to be careful and have a nice night.

    so in the beginning of march one night, i drive my girlfriend home, and were sitting in front of her house for a few minutes saying good bye. so i left and i was really tired it was about 2 am and i had blazed earlier that day so i was burnt to shit. im heading north on a road with 2 lanes in each direction and a turning lane in the middle and im in the right lane. theres a truck next to me and im just chillin driving. all of a sudden, im not paying attention to the truck next to me, i guess he just turned away, and all i see is flashing headlights and a little black then BAM! i get broadsided by a cop with out sirens on, all he had were lights, and he was crossing a major road from parking lot to parking lot illegally, there wasnt even a light there.

    so the airbags pop and im bleeding and trying to stay conscience. i have my backpack in the back seat with my laptop in it, and in my glove box are 4 20 bags and my bowl. the first thing i do is grab my weed and piece and stash it. i put the weed inside the bars under my seat so it didnt fall, and i threw the bowl under my passenger seat. then because of how delirious i was i picked my drink up off the floor because it was spilling(i have no idea why i did this because it was all over everything and the car was totalled so who cares about a spilled soda). so im blacking out and i open my door and fall out into all this glass and cut my hands and everything and im like fighting to stay awake. the cop gets out of his car, comes over to me, and im like "are you okay man?" he tells me to get back in my car.

    so now im freaking out, i just got creamed by a cop car, i have weed on me, and right after it happened there were about 6 cop cars on the scene a firetruck and 2 ambulences. so i get out of my car again and another cop comes up to me asking me what happened. i told him i didnt know and he said okay lets get you to the hospital. they put me on a stretcher and put me in the ambulence. as theyre putting me in i asked one of the guys to grab my backpack for me because i needed my laptop for school. he grabs it for my and put it in the ambulence. the whole way to the hospital they were looking at me and asking questions.

    so i get to the hospital and remembered i had the weed in my car and im freaking out because i think theyre going to search it. then a cop came in and asked me to pee in a cup. i was like shit im fucked, so i peed in the cup came back to the hospital room, and set it on the counter, a nurse came in and said she didnt need it and just to throw it away so i lucked out again. so i get home at like 4 in the morning pass out and dont go to school the next day. after school was over i got a call from one of my friends and i told her what happened and said i needed a ride to the place where they towed my car because i wanted to get the shit out.

    later on she picks me up and we head out there, my plan was to hop the fence unlock my car with the spare keys and grab all my shit. so we get there and its about 1030pm and there was someone inside. i knocked on the door and this big spanish guy comes to the door and hes like what can i do for you? i tell him i have uniforms and shit i need out of my car for school the following day and i need to get them out. he says theres nothing he can do and come back when they are open. i pleaded with him until finally i think he suspected something was up. i figured he was a decent guy so i was like okay theres some shit i need to get out of there before shit hits the fan. he said to come inside and wed talk. so i go inside and he says its going to cost you to get into that car. i was like what? youve got to be kidding me. he says no hes not kidding, puts on rubber gloves, grabs a flashlight and we head out to my car. he says to get all teh shit i need and give him the weed, bowl, rolling papers i had even though i didnt think id get in trouble for those, and my knife which was another thing i didnt think id get in trouble for. he says if i dont come back the next day with $100 hes handing my stuff over to the police, and then he dropped the bombshell. he says, "I work for the amityville police department, dont fvck with me or im going to bury you. now get the fuck out of here, heres a number, you dont need my name. call it at 6pm tomorrow and come here immediately after." so freaked out, i leave.

    the next day, i called the number and told him he could smoke it, eat it, ditch it, do whatever he wanted with it i dont give a shit, just dont put it back in my car. he hung up on me, but since then i havent heard anything about it. i figured he wasnt really a cop and he was just trying to rip me off, but still it scared the shit out of me. it was definately the shadiest thing of my life, and i had gotten arrested while being in a car with someone who was driving stoned and i was stoned. this blew that out of the water

    well sorry for the long read, i hope someone reads it.
  2. If that happened to me, I'd be scared shitless, haha.
  3. haha amityville, i live on LI too
    was it a nassau or suffolk county cop that creamed you?
    i hear the nassau cops are more frequently dickheads

    crazy story man
    did u have any injuries?

    i bet that guy that works at the chop shop pulls that shit all the time
    they probly search the shit out of every car that comes in there for loot
  4. what a fucking asshole
  5. Wow, that spanish guy was a real prick, here's hoping you don't have to deal with the twat again.

    At least you're okay yourself though, I imagine that crash could've come off worse than it did, glad it didn't :)

    Oh, and welcome to the City :D
  6. He doesnt work for the popo, he just some delusional deuschbag bum ass tow truck driver scum on a powertrip tryin to make a buck off you. What were you thinking goin there at 10:30 though, if you had went in the day he would have let you take your shit out, now he know about the weed and can fuck you over.
  7. What a piece of shit.
  8. it was on 110, idk if thats suffolk or nassua its close. where on LI are you from im from patchogue. i iddnt have any injuries just a few cuts, but if my girlfriend didnt take so long to say good bye, he would have creamed my drivers door about a foot or 2 back from where he hit me and id definately be paralized if not dead. he hit me so hard he spun my car 90 degrees and he kept moving another 15 or 20 yards up a curb.

    it was pretty scary, but i havent heard from the guy since so i guess he worked it out. hahahah
  9. Whos gonna pay for the caR?

    And what happened to just jumping the fence?

    If that spanish guy told me all that shit I'd just be like AY, you shut up right now or I'll turn you into boarder patrol! Took my shit and left.
  10. I would have gone during open hours, its your car your belongings you had the right to it
  11. right now im suing the police for the car. they are suing me as well though just to cover their asses cause this cop wants disability. lazy prick.

    i didnt jump the fence because there was someone inside and he def would have seen me.

    i didnt want to go during open hours because i didnt want my dad to know i went because i told him i left a bunch of stuff in there and if he knew i went without him he would have known something was up. the place isnt close to my house all.
  12. So, why the fuck did the cop hit you?

    Did he not see you? Because that's ri-fucking-diculous.
  13. "theres a truck next to me and im just chillin driving. all of a sudden, im not paying attention to the truck next to me, i guess he just turned away, and all i see is flashing headlights and a little black then BAM! i get broadsided by a cop with out sirens on, all he had were lights, and he was crossing a major road from parking lot to parking lot illegally, there wasnt even a light there."

    If this is true. Then you won the case already!!!:cool:
    but make sure if their suing you gotta counter sue for Car repair costs, medical bills, and "Pain And Suffering" haha
  14. no one knows why he hit me, i guess he didnt see me and was trying to beat the truck that was next to me. my laywer subpeonead(sp?) the radio shit from that night to find out if he was on a call or just driving like a douche bag.
  15. on 110 it would be a suffolk cop
    i drive on that road all the time too it sux, especially the traffic during the day
    i live in huntington right now

    its good that you weren't injured,
    but you could've had a nice lawsuit on them if u were
  16. oh im sorry i didnt notice you said what kind of cop it was my bad. it wasnt a suffolk or nassau cop it was an amityville cop.

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