shade cloth?

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  1. My plants are reaching up to the sky like there is no tomorrow. Great!....but how do I hide them?? I've been thinking about that shade cloth that you can't see through. Will this effect the plants? Will they get enough sun? Do they need direct sun light? I need to make them a little house. Any idea's?...
  2. I got an idea: Buy plans for making a shed in your backyard. At my old house, my dad built a 2-story shed, about 12ft. by 18ft which would have been perfect for growing pot. My uncle owns land up north and he grows his outdoors now in between rows of pine trees, and he dries the buds up in the attic of his shed he built. So, I think your best choice is to build them some housing, maybe put in some windows on the roof so they still get natural sunlight.
  3. A shed would be fantastic, but we are renting. We can't make those type of changes to the property. But........maybe.....we could take some of the roof off the little garden shed and put sky light and put them in there. Hmmm.....never thought of that before. I can even lock it. Thanks dude. :)
  4. Have you thought about topping them??

  5. Topping them, what do you mean by that???
  6. Topping is when you cut off or pinch growth at the 5th or 6th node up to induce new growth and create better circulation of air. Topping usually results in 2 main colas instead of one. If you want to keep your plants at a reasonable height then I would suggest topping. Especially if you have nosy neighbors or a landlord that occasionally checks on your residence. Topping is usually done at 3-4 weeks in vegetative growth but as long as you're not in flowering yet it is probably okay to do. I'm at 6 weeks in vegging and if and when I top any of my plants I'll be using the FIM technique for topping.
    Instead of cutting the whole top off leave 10% and up to eight new branches can emerge! Good Luck!
  7. I meant ,,,cut part of the top half of the plant away to keep it below eye level....the plant's energy will then go to the remaining chutes on the lower section....


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